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Chain clicking,rubbing inside rollcage?


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So the chain is HG-X 11 on XT m8000,approx 1800km ridden.Well maintained and lubed,and it started to make clicky noise.

No damage on XT and no crashes.


Any ideas why is "dancing" and hitting the metal plate between pulleys?


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Hm, your chain is vibrating for some reason and that's when it rubes the RD cage.

The reason for that might be:

  1. worn chain and / or the cassette sprockets (check it with the measuring tool),
  2. bad chain line,
  3. worn pulleys.

Did you make a lot of miles on this drivetrain?

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Specs are SLX M7000 with XT 8000 shadow plus with clutch.Shifting and indexing is perfect,clutch is perfect,pulleys both still in great shape,never hit and no impact on the XT whatsover,cableing all ok.

So it started at 1800km,in every gear it started to rub vertically on the metal thing inside RD cage described in your videos where you wash XT mech(you replied to it also).

I checked the HG-X with the chain tool and it was at 0.5 so i replaced the old chain with new KMC X11.93,old one was HG-X 501 or 701 i believe.New was shortened to 112 links as the old one was,i replaced also the 3 smallest sprockets 11t  13t  15t cause those is where i usually ride.Cassette is well tightened and it doesnt wobble at all.

Here is the video at 5 second mark you can hear clicking(touching the metal thing inside the cage)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng9F7y4ANao

Basically if i pedal in any gear or if its bumpy,chain bounces on the darn thing and its annoying as hell. 1800km -2000km was fine and now its started again.

On the photo i used the 10 inch check chain method,0 starts at the same place(start of the pin) as the 10



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15 hours ago, KobraReX said:

if i pedal in any gear or if its bumpy,chain bounces on the darn thing

Shoot, it's a difficult one... One more possible reason - the chain too long.

15 hours ago, KobraReX said:

1800km -2000km was fine and now its started again

If the symptoms come after that many kilometers, it must somehow be linked to the parts wearing down.

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