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  3. TPinDe

    Sram XX1 Eagle maintenance tips + features.

    I’m trying to work out my 10-50 Jeffsy after it wasn’t properly setup. I have the gears running through the full range, but the 42 continues to be a problem. It jumps and skips, no matter how I adjust the B screw in 1/4 turn increments. Any ideas? Is this a cable tension issue? Thanks.,
  4. Here are two tricks for the Shimano freehub body removal, that is stuck. When the rear hub is laced into the wheel, it is easier adn all you need to have is a wall and maybe some extension for your hex key: When you have the rear hub removed from the wheel, it gets a bit more difficult, but the brake cable (or shifting cable) and two slabs will do...
  5. Cleaning the chain and the cassette is not enough. To much lube on the chain will also lead to even more dirt on your drivetrain. Here's how I prepare my mountain bike drivetrain for the muddy races:
  6. On the 12 speed rear derailleurs, adjusting the distance between the guide pulley and the 10-51T cassette is much more crucial, than on the older drivetrains, especially those with "small" cassettes, like 11-42T. Here's how to make it:
  7. SickBiker

    Olympic Games, Cross Country MTB Race 2020.

    Olympic Games, Cross Country MTB Race 2020.
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    DH / XCO / XCC MTB World Cup Les Gets, France 2020.
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    DH / XCO / XCC MTB World Cup Val di Sole, Italy 2020.
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    UCI MTB DH World Championships - Leogang, Austria 2020.
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    DH / XCO / XCC MTB World Cup Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada 2020.
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    UCI XCO/XCC Cross Country World Cup Lenzerheide, Switzerland 2020.
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    UCI MTB XCO World Championships – Albstadt, Germany
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    DH / XCO / XCC MTB World Cup Vallnord, Andorra 2020.
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    UCI Downhill World Cup Fort William, Scotland 2020.
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    UCI XCO/XCC Cross Country World Cup Nové Mesto, Czech Republic 2020.
  17. SickBiker

    UCI Downhill World Cup Lošinj, Croatia 2020.

    UCI Downhill World Cup Lošinj, Croatia 2020.
  18. SickBiker

    UCI Downhill World Cup Maribor, Slovenia 2020.

    UCI Downhill World Cup Maribor, Slovenia 2020.
  19. I've already tried to repair. The stolen part to be squeezed with a special glider + plugged in the screw of the guide through the thin stainless steel. Meet OK, Testing :-)
  20. SickBiker

    UCI Downhill World Cup Lousã, Portugal 2020.

    UCI Downhill World Cup Lousã, Portugal 2020.
  21. SickBiker

    Deutsche Meisterschaft Cyclo Cross (CX)

  22. SickBiker

    Shimano XT RD-M8000 rear derailleur - FULL SERVICE.

    I just noticed your request. Have you found the answer? Wasn't the rear derailleur working properly, or it happened during the service?
  23. I enjoy this project a lot! I bought an old road groupset for $120 in order to disassemble it completely and bring it to its best times In part 2 we disassemble, clean and assemble the caliper brakes:
  24. m1chael

    All Shimano Road Groupsets. Buyer's Guide.

    Can I mix using Ultegra 8000 front and rear brakes with the Claris 2000 road levers?
  25. Merida Silex 9000 2019 - lighter, than my aero bike... Let me remind you, that last year I made a 350 km trip on the alloy Silex 700 and it had been a great experience! The carbon gravel bikes from Merida are even more advanced and so I would recommend the more expensive version for a gravel event racers or a "pro" traveller, who makes tons of miles annually. With the Silex 9000 test I went even further, than on the aluminum one - I stripped it completely, to find out, why it feels so quick. Here's what struck me the most: superlight frameset - the frame weighs only 1135 grams, with the BB bearings, the tapered, full carbon fork weighs 529 grams, the pictures made INSIDE the frame confirm Merida's "Anti-Wrinkles" system. Let's not forget, that the 1135 g frame (without the BB about 1050 g) and 529 g fork provide great stiffness and stability under load of your travelling bags + the bike is made for offroad riding and has huge tire clearance of 42 mm (700c) or 2.2" (650B option). Silex - why one of the top gravel bikes in the world. Gravel bikes must be fun to ride, versatile and pretty tough. The Merida Silex meets these requirements, with the following features: the geometry - high heat tube + almost MTB geometry are designed for fun, but also many hours in the saddle, 5 bottle cage mounts (the ones on the fork can be used for the bag mounts), the option of faster 700c wheels or tougher 650B, stiffness check done - the bike fully loaded (20 kg of stuff on it), hands off the handlebars and it goes straight like an arrow, the Merida S-Flex Team seatpost truly enhances your comfort on rough roads. What modifications you might want to make. First off - think about the drivetrain. The Sram Force 1x11 will work great for you, if gravel grinding means just riding for fun. You might also be OK with it on the gravel races, though I would much rather use a double crankset for that. If you plan to travel a lot with it, then the 44T chainring at the front and 10-42T cassette will kill your legs on the hilly roads. Secondly - the tires. Maxxis Razzo 35 mm tires are pretty fast on the tarmac and will do great on a hard pack gravel, but don't expect to much grip on roots, slippery corners etc. Those knobs on the sides help a bit, but I wouldn't say these are for speeding off-road. Otherwise - go tubeless and put this machine to the test, because it's asking for it! In 2020, there is a sweet addition to the Silex bikes range - the Silex Plus, on 650B wheels and 45c tires.
  26. Water, mud and salt in the winter, are great enemies of a bicycle drivetrain, namely the crankset, the chain, the cassette and the derailleurs. In the video below, you will find a tutorial on how to prepare your bike for such an extreme conditions.
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