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  2. Sram GX Eagle groupset review.

    Hi ! I have the gx eagle groupset in my fatbike that i built from frameset(White 3fat interceptor). i have ridden it now for couple of weeks and have a problem with the shift lever ergonomics. Since all the shifting is done with your right hand thumb,mine gets pretty sore after 2hrs ride. I have tried adjusting the position of the shift lever,but it has not helped me at all. I have used Shimano rapidfire plus shift levers without similar problem. Do you have any suggestions about the positioning of the shift lever or maybe buying the new gx eagle gripshift lever is the only solution ?
  3. Sram GX Eagle - 12 speed, 1x drivetrain Eagle Technology from Sram means 1-by optimized MTB components with 12 speed cassette. The system is already available for XX1, X01 and GX groupset. Great news is, that we can get the GX Eagle complete drivetrain for less than 450€ or 550$. Sram GX Eagle cassette The weight of 446 grams confirms the data from website (450 g). 12 speed and 500% gearing range will let you climb pretty much anywhere, as it starts with 10 teeth up to the 50 teeth! I use it with the 32T chainring in the front and I rarely use the lowest gear. I would actually hope to get some more options of the Eagle cassettes, like 10-42T... So far it goes like this: 10t, 12t, 14t, 16t, 18t, 21t, 24t, 28t, 32t, 36t, 42t, 50t. The design of this cassette is extremely gossamer - looking at it you'll see more air, than steel. That means a superb mud clearance. The cogs look very similar to those of the XX1 cassette, but on GX these are all held together with pins. Remember that this cassette requires an freehub, because of this tiny 10 teeth sprocket. Sram GX Eagle rear derailleur This is the rear and only derailleur It looks awesome and gets all the technologies of the XX1 Eagle, except for the materials, which don't include any carbon and titanium here. Same narrow-wide pattern of the jockey wheels, same cable guide wheel and same, metallic sound during a gear change (the owners know what I mean). The spring are strong and keep the mech in place on the rough terrain. The TYPE 3 Roller Bearing Clutch - same as on XX1 - works pretty smooth, without affecting the shifting performance. Some of my viewers complain about one place on the cassette, where the shifting isn't as crisp, as on the other gears. Have I found it? Well, I think I did and it might be the 4th or 5th sprocket, while shifting up - from the lower to the higher gear. Could you confirm that on your Eagle? The Cage Lock makes removing and installing the rear wheel very easy and the weight of 291 grams is again what Sram claim (290 g). Sram GX Eagle crankset No hollow arm design and no carbon. Otherwise once again all EAGLE features. The chainring doesn't simpy have a narrow - wide design, it's got very advanced shaping, which makes the chain work smoother and there is less risk of a chain drop in the mud. I like it a lot. There is an option of 30T, 32T and 34T chainring. The cranks get be fitted to the following systems: BB30/PF30-68/73mm, GXP 100mm/PF GXP 121mm, GXP/PF GXP 68/73mm. Sram GX Eagle shifter Very similar to that from XX1 groupset. Crisp, easy and with the Matchmaker X clamp will give you nice options of positioning on the handlebars. I do prefer the Shimano shifters thanks to their Multiple shifting (down the cassette) and Instant Release system. The Sram shifters lack these systems, but the shifting is very good. Sram GX Eagle chain and bottom bracket. The Flow Link system means, that the inner plates of the chain don't have square edges, which improves the engagement in the chainrings and is quieter. The bottom bracket got the Gutter Seal Technology and we'll se how well it seals the bearing after some thousands of kilometers this season.
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  5. Hi there, it is all coming up. I am also going to put my hands on some of these groupsets.
  6. Asking about my fork pressure

    Hi, you are an extremely light rider and a lower pressure shouldn't be any problem for the fork. By the way - I'm gonne ride the Manitou Markhor Comp this year.
  7. Hey Danny, can you do an updated version for this groupset? Would really appreciate it, thanks.
  8. Asking about my fork pressure

    Hey guys, so I have a 120mm Manitou Machete and Im quite a light rider (only 37kg). I have the pressure set really low so that I can use up the whole travel of the fork. Is this bad for the fork? The lowest pressure they put on the pressure chart is 50psi and Im pretty sure mine is lower. Any advice?
  9. How to adjust the Sram Eagle rear derailleur - this tutorial works for all Eagle models: XX1, X01, GX. I will show you some steps in this process, where we can make a mistake:
  10. I just finished testing the jacket, the bib tights, the gloves and the glasses. This is, how it went... ROSE Wind Fibre cycling jacket - 69,95€ The job of this jacket is to protect the rider from the wind and a small rain / shower. The jacket was tested during a cold cyclocross race day (temperature about -2° Celsius). The fabric is light and it protects well against the wind, but standing behind the camera after the race made me understand, that I'm gonna stay warm only while riding. This is not a heavyweight jacket. As for its green colour, I would say, it looks more like on my pictures, than the ones on ROSE website. It is the "fluo" green. The fit of the jacket is NOT slim, so a bit heavier riders will feel comfortable in it. It fits the price of the jacket. I'm 182 cm tall and with my weight of 75 kg I felt a bit to "small" for the jacket, but it was still OK. Why so view cycling jerseys and jackets have the zippers for the pockets... This one has! Two large pockets on the back and one on the arm. ALL with the zippers. Very well done! A large smartphone and winter gloves go to the back and some credit card or keys to the front pocket. Great. The sleeves have additional wind protection, which work well for higher speed on the bike. The reflective elements and a drawstring on the waist are well thought out too. The bright colour will get dirty pretty easily, but wouldn't exchange those with a boring, all black clothing. I do recommend this winter jacket for cycling enthusiasts, who ride regularly in temperatures close to 0° Celsius. Bib Tights ROSE Design III Thermal - 64,95€ These are also pretty well designed. The ankle zippers help with putting those on and the additional front zipper might be handy, if you need to go to the toilet AFTER you put everything on (I always do it ). With my height of 182 cm, the legs of the tights felt pretty long. Not to long, but once more - these aren't made for a skinny pro riders. They have 2 layers of the material - the inner one for moisture absorption and the outer one for moisture wicking. I do recommend these bib tights for cycling enthusiasts, who ride regularly in temperatures close to 0° Celsius. ROSE Cycle Winter Gloves - 39,95€ The gloves are made for a real cold. They are very warm and comfortable. The only feature, which I didn't like at all was the touch area for operating the smartphone or a navigation. It's not well placed on the finger and at its best will only let you unlock the screen, but nothing more. I recommend the gloves for a winter rides, IF you don't plan to use a navigation or smartphone. Eye wear ROSE PS 09 Photochromic - 59,95€ These aren't the typical winter glasses, but the PHOTOCHROMIC feature may be very useful during this time of the year, when we look at the bright snow in the sun and then we hit the dark trails in the forests. The self-tinting lenses react very quickly to the change of a light intensity, by transforming from clear to grey and vice versa. The only issue I had with the glasses was that the lenses did not protect my eyes against the wind at high speed on the bike. Then I realized, that these are made for woman and kids.... I do recommend these glasses in changing light, but the fit is designed for women and children.
  11. How to remove, overhaul and install the Sram XX1 Eagle rear derailleur. There are a view steps, were you can make a mistake...
  12. Help choosing my new hardtail!

    I have decided that I want a bike with geo just like the Trek Roscoe. I really like the geo and the "stance" I think, what I'm looking for is a "playful" bike that I can jump around with. But that also can take me up hill a bit. When I look at the pictures of the Canyon. It has a true XC geo from the look of it. And I think that I want a bike that has a little more slack!
  13. What is a groupset? A bicycle groupset is a SET of parts, which are GROUPED for: the riders with a specific budget, specific riding style. It means, that we can buy e.g. a road bike groupset for 400$, or downhill mountain bike groupset for 800$. Your decision will be then based on your budget and needs. What a bicycle groupset contains? A groupset most often consists of: crankset (or chainset), cassette or freewheel (rear sprockets), chain, rear derailleur, front derailleur, shifters (shifting levers), brakes (braking levers + calipers), sometimes also wheels and pedals. As you can see, it is not a complete set of components yet... What is not included in a groupset? To make it clear for the beginners, the groupset does not contain: the frame, the fork, the handlebars, the stem, the headset, the saddle, the seatpost, the tires and sometimes the pedals as well. These must be purchased separately, though some brands would also group them, based on price and an intended use. Groupset examples. Shimano Sora R3000 – the group of components designed for an entry level road bike. The price of the groupset itself is 380$. It contains the crankset, the cassette, the chain, the derailleurs, the shifters and the brakes. Sram GX Eagle – the groupset for a Cross Country or Trail mountain bike. The groupset's price is 550$ and it consists of: the crankset, the cassette, the chain, the read derailleur, the shifter (no brakes included). Campagnolo Super Record: a professional racing bike groupset. It will cost you 2340$ and you'll get the same amount of components as with the above-mentioned, but these will be made of super light and expensive materials: aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. What groupset will fit my frame / bike? The fact, that there exists a groupset for each TYPE of the bike, doesn't simply mean that you can e.g. buy ANY Shimano Sora R3000 set for your road bike, or ANY Sram GX components for your mountain bike. There is a lot of standards and versions of bike parts, which will enable you to build a perfect machine for yourself. I'm gonna cover that topic in the next, simple as possible article
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  15. Help choosing my new hardtail!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me Yes a "playful bike" is what I'm looking for, and I really like the "geometry" and the looks of the roscoe and I think that I want a bike that looks just like that one. When I look at pictures the Canyon looks more like an xc bike. But I really like the bike for the price and the parts that the bike is equipped with. And with a 1x it looks like all I need! Thanks again for taking the time to help me !
  16. Do you only want to upgrade the rear derailleur? Here's the compatibility chart of 9 speed and 8 speed MTB derailleurs. Yours is 8 speed.
  17. Help choosing my new hardtail!

    Seems like you need a playful bike, so don't go for a Cross Country bike like Canyon Grand Canyon, Scott Scale or GT Zaskar. The Giant Talon will have less XC geometry, but it is the Trek Roscoe, that's been designed to deliver a lot of fun on the trails and It's got the dropper post. In terms of the wheel size, if you like both 29er and the 650B, I would suggest the 650B - it will be more agile, stiffer and lighter. So for me - by far the Trek Roscoe.
  18. Help choosing my new hardtail!

    Hey guys! I would really appreciate if you could take the time to help me to decide what my next hardtail is going to be. I have a really hard time deciding what type of bike I want. I ride mostly trails and where I live we don't have any "real" trailsystem, so often I try to find like a jogging track that you can ride on. Some climbing but not so much. I'm not that picky on drivesystem but I think that I would like 1x or 2x. Just for simplicity and maintenance. Things like dropper post, suspension lockout would be nice. But I understand that dropper post is most common on pretty expressive bikes so I'm not really to picky about that. I think that I want a 29er, I have rode both 29 and 27.5 and I like them both so. When it comes to brand I really don't have a favorite. Just looking for availability in Sweden, where I live now. Brands like Orange,Nukeproof and Diamondback are hard brands to get a hand of. And some brand I have seen are pretty pricey if you look at the specs that you get for the money. Bikes that I have like got interested in are: Giant Talon Trek Roscoe Trek X-Caliber Canyon Grand Canyon Scott Scale Gt Avalanche/Zaskar Or if you have better suggestions. I should point out that it's much easier to get a canyon,Scott or Trek in Sweden! My budget is about 1300usd +/- would like to stay close to 10000 Swedish crowns. I would really appreciate if you could take the time to help me decide!
  19. Hello Thank You for the helpful information that you provide on the Sick Biker Channel. My current Bike is a Kona Dewey 2017 and would like to know of which derailleurs are suitable? It comes with entry level small cage Altus, I do not know what derailleurs can be fitted the 9 speed Altus has longer cage?,
  20. Excellent. Made my day! You just got a new patron. Thank you Danny!
  21. Shimano Road Groupsets Overview.

    It will make a difference on rough roads:
  22. Let's see how the Shimano 105 5800 rear mech shifts comparing to the new Shadow system on the Ultegra R8000:
  23. Awesome. I will upgrade for the RD-8000 GS mech with the 34T cassette. Thank you for your prompt reply!
  24. Shimano Road Groupsets Overview.

    Hi Drago, on the chart below you can see, that your ST-6800 shifters will work both with the Ultegra R8000 and the Dura-Ace R9000 derailleur. The Ultegra RD-8000 GS mech will take the cassette: 28T≤CS Low gear≤34T
  25. Hi Dany, Using an Ultegra 6800 Groupset on my road bike. Is it possible to upgrade my rear derailleur from Ultegra 6800 to R8000? Currently using a 11-32 cassette. Will I be able to use the new 11-34 cassette with the R8000 derailleur? My usage is amateur road racing. Racing mainly in hills. Thank you! Drago
  26. What do you think about the new Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset?
  27. Welcome on my blog! Today I'm gonna share with you my experience with bike stands. If you watch my videos on YouTube, you may know, that a couple of weeks ago I got some cool "toys" from Topeak (here's the vlog about it). I thought that the type of the bike stand wouldn't affect my bike projects, but I couldn't be further form the truth... Two types of bike stands I got... So far I've been using workstands, which have the clamp for the seatpost and so the bike will hang on them. Topeak have sent me though the other type, which supports the bike by the bottom bracket area and it makes a lot of difference in maintaining the bicycle. Here is the comparison: This is Topeak Prepstand Max. It supports the frame by the BB area. Both workstands have three legs, but the Prepstand Max is lighter and less stable. You won't be able to clean a whole frame here. Adjusting the gears isn't very accurate, because the cables are under tension here. If you want to replace the cables routed internally, there is no access to their ports... The hook for the front wheel keeps it in place. This system allows for more maintaining procedures. You can clean the whole frame. You can replace the internal cables. Cons and pros for both worksands: Prepstand Max is lighter and has the front wheel hook. It won't let you clean the whole bike, replace the internal cables and adjust gears. Prepstand Elite is heavier, so less mobile, but more stable. It allows for most of the procedures in bike maintenance.
  28. Sram Eagle Technology means having 1x12 drivetrain with quite a gearing ratio, as the smallest sprocket has 10 teeth and the largest has 50 teeth. Sram experts tell us on their website, that with this setup 2x drivetrains have died. Well, is it really so? I am racing now on the high-end Merida Ninety-Six Team XC full suspension weapon wich is equipped with the "gold Eagle", so let me share with you my opinion about it, because Sram has solved many 1x drivetrain problems, but not all of them... Sram XX1 Eagle groupset in details. I must admit, that Sram engineers have designed all the components with great craft. The cassette, read derailleur, crankset, chain and the shifter don't look like any other components on the market. Let's se why... The cassete - huge, light, empty inside... There is no simple pattern of the individual teeth shaping. The gear change is extremely smooth. Two pieces - the gold element is closed by the largest, black one. Can you see the narrow-wide pattern on some teeth? The mud is no problem for this stuff! The mud can sometimes push the chain of the crank in narrow-wide system. It's less likely to happen on this crankset. The chain engages beautifully on this chainring. It is quiet too! Each detail counts. The pulleys have different sizes and teeth shaping. How does it feel ride Eagle 1x12? This is definitely one of the best shifting systems on the market, when it comes to the precision and smoothness. The rear derailleur responds to the smallest movement of your thumb on the shifter. Back pedalling test passed - no chain drop (it depends on the drivetrain and the chain line of the frame, which is great on Merida Ninety-Six woth Boost rear end). I do like shifting the gears with Eagle! Back pedalling does NOT lead to chain drop. Changing many gears under load during the race feels so easy! On some 1x11 drivetrain the derailleur feels stiff going up to the largest gear. Not here... Initially I would sometimes overshift, because it feels so easy. Sorry Sram, I disagree with this... 2x drivetrains are NOT dead and probably won't be. 500% range of the gears is cool, but it doesn't eliminate the need for the second chainring in the front. First of - 500% is close to the 2x11 range, but still doesn't match it and second - for some riders it is not the range, but the gearing ratio on individual sprockets, that matters. I feel like finding the perfect cadence during the MTB marathons is far from what even 2x10 drivetrain offers. I race in XC as well and a double crankset feels better for me there as well. Most of the riders I know are satisfied with 1x11, but those who pay more attention to the cadence and pedalling efficiency will still go for 2x system. Yes, I know that Nino Schurter and his competitors all have 1x12 or 1x11 groupsets, but the question is - do all of them have a choice... Would I recommend Sram XX1 Eagle groupset? Yes, I would recommend it, especially to those sponsored riders, as the price is very steep. The quality and the technology is highly advanced and it's working. I still prefer double chainsets, but I'm sure many will love the Eagle, also in the lower groupsets, like X01, or GX. You can also watch my Eagle video review here. Sram Eagle components online.
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