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  2. Hi, this video is perfect, thanks for it. I would like to ask you what happened to my xtr rd-m9000 derailleur? I would be very grateful for the answer. I think that the component of photo 1 broke off. I'm afraid this will probably not be repaired. Nowhere am I able to find a detailed photo so I can fix it myself. Thank you very much for your reply, I watch your videos regularly, you do a great job!
  3. Small room - 10 m², or 107 ft² If you live in a block and have really small space in your apartment or room, I will show you some space saving tricks, so that you can not only store and service your bike indoor, but also make your place look like there's some passionate biker living in. Main goals of this project is to find space in the 10 m² room for the following things: 4 bikes (3 on the walls, 1 on the floor, if needed), a workbench (which can also serve as a computer desk at your place), a large set of bicycle tools, a bike stand, a couch (if needed). My main requirement while building this whole room is to KEEP THE FLOOR AS FREE, as possible, putting on it only a couple of things. There has to be a place for a sofa, or dresser, if you need and since it is a biker's cave - we may want to make some indoor training there as well. For me - NO MORE STUMBLING on anything anymore!!! Workbench or a computer desk. It's time for step one of this project - building a working space. Depending on a height of our slab, it is going to be a typical workbench, or a desk and a workbench, if mounted at a sitting height. Why folding desk: it gives us greater space, if you wanted to invite some friends over, no legs - even more space and easy access to under the desk (in my case - parking area), it looks clean and adds some bike details to our room design. Workbench dimensions. It is going to be a typical servicing and filming workbench in my case. I want to feel comfortable, when working on it, so I've set for it a height of 108 cm. An additional benefit of this height is also, that I'll be able to park my highest full suspension bike under it. My desk is also 60 cm (23,5 inches) deep and 200 cm (78") long, or wide. As you can see on the pictures, such a workbench has enough space for two bike wheels and some tools. You can easily go for a much shorter one - checking some typical computer desk sizes isn't a bad idea. I bought an oak slab, which is 19 mm thick, worrying about it's stiffness on such a length, but it turned out to be OK. What you need to buy (very cheap, comparing to a quality computer desk prices): oak slab (in my case) or an OSB slab (will make a great and even cheaper workbench too), two old bicycle chains, expansion anchors (must suit the type of your wall and the hinges), two pitons, 4 mounting hoops (eyelets), bolts, nuts, spacers (I needed to put the spacers between the hinges and the wall), wood varnish (easy to clean from the oils and grease), sandpaper. How to do it yourself: Cut the desk to your prefered size and use the sandpaper to round its edges. If you paint the desk with the varnish, let each layer dry very well, otherwise you'll be inhaling its odor for many days. Put some objects under your desk, so that you can choose the mounting height. Mark the drilling spots for your hinges on the desk and the wall. You can decide to fold the desk UP to the wall, if you for instance want to keep some furniture under it. Mine folds down, because I'll out some graphics and scratch protection on the wall, just over the desk. That's why my hinges are mounted under the desk. Determine where to put the mounting hoops. They shouldn't be to low, as there might be to much force working on the wall anchors. Drilling time! Don't push the drill to hard through the wood, not to damage the surface on the other side. It was easier for me to fasten the hinges to the wall first and then mount the desk. Now determine the length of both chains with the pitons, brake them with a chain tool, then guide the chains through the mounts and close them again. Your workbench is ready!
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    [Wyczerpany] Braking Issue with my Cube Attain SL Disc 2017

    Temat wyczerpany. Zamykam.
  6. SickBiker

    Shimano MTB calipers with hydraulic STI levers?

    Yup, you've found the right Shimano website
  7. SickBiker

    Deore XT 8100 Maximum Crankset Size

    Here's what I think you ask about: the size of your front chainring does not affect the "angle", or the chain line, the chain thickness stays the same - it is the distance between the rear sprockets, that's smaller on the 12 speed cassette, the new chain is usually to long for a "standard" drivetrain, but I think, that it will be to short for the 42T by 51T setup. My question - why wouldn't you use something like 11-46T cassette, with a smaller chainring at the front?
  8. You will most likely find every tool for this job here:
  9. Nr. 7 Check out, which tire is tubeless ready - I would go for tubeless option.
  10. SickBiker

    Max tire sizes for Marin Gestalt 2?

    There are two types of Marin Gestalt gravel bikes - the "standard" one has tire clearance up to 40c, and the Gestalt X has more, but Marin doesn't say how much more (maybe 48c?).
  11. SickBiker

    A first mountain bike - advice please

    For 500 US dollars you'll get an entry - recreational mountain bike. Usually the bike comes with the suspension fork and if so, it'll always be the one with the coil spring. Here are some thoughts on such forks: And here are some examples of bikes, produced by KNOWN brands: $400 GT Agressor Sport 2019 - spending another $100 for a higher model won't make it much better, but saving those 100 bucks gives you some chance to improve the bike, if you wish in the future. $460 Specialized Pitch 650B 2019 - similar components, nice looking frame. $500 Trek Marlin 5 2020 - still Shimano Tourney, not really MTB drivetrain, but the bike is worth upgrading too. $600 Pinnacle Kapur 2 2020 - 120 mm of travel at the front + Shimano Altus drivetrain make this bike much more capable in the terrain. It goes more into the trail geometry, than entry - XC bike.
  12. SickBiker

    Cannondale Perp 2 for tonsheng mid drive?

    Yes, hardtail frames will be easier to fit the battery on the downtube. It will be cheaper choice too. I would go for a simple, used hardtail for about $200.
  13. 10.000 kilometers, indoor and outdoor workouts, MTB races - this is how I've been testing the Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedals for the last two seasons. Let me share with you, what are my thoughts on this training measuring device. What you get for the money... $499 for Favero Assioma Uno, or $749 for the double - sided Assioma Duo, make these pedals a great deal on the market in 2019. Remember, that you are not getting here an additional power measuring device to your bike, but a fully functional road clipless pedals. Another good thing is, that you can always upgrade from Uno to Duo Unique, moisture proof design. Favero Assioma pedals are not only waterproof. The bi - component resin block makes the power sensor even moisture proof and improves the shock resistance to. I did some rides on the pouring rain on my Enduro e-bike (yes - road power meter on an Enduro machine), one day grinding through the water up to the wheels axles, in the storm. No issues with the power meter, no problems with the pedals bearing either. Great quality! During my MTB trainings I did hit some rocks with the power meter unit, with NO effect on the data readings and accuracy (checking with an accurate Elite Drivo II trainer). Unique, instantaneous power measurement. Guys, this is no add. If you have the right bike computer and the software, you can take advantage of another, unique feature of the Assioma power meter - the IAV Power System. Many power meter use the average angular velocity (AVG), but the Assioma pedals use the instantaneous angular velocity (real time). It gives you an in - depth view of how your both legs (and a whole body actually) produce the power, throughout the whole pedalling circle. They work for the oval chainrings to, so you can use them to find out, whether or not you should be using the oval ones, by comparing the power data. This is of course an advanced piece of data, but you can share it with a professional bike fitter, with great results. Lightweight, durable, accurate. These pedals are made with great accuracy, as they tip the scale exactly to 150 grams for each pedal. I already have the servicing kit, which includes a spare pedal body and the bearings. Though there was no need for me to replace the ones I've been testing. I'm going to let them wear down completely and will update you, when they come to die The pedals show you an accurate power data in all weather conditions, thanks to their automatic temperature compensation, designed for the range of the temperatures well beyond normal. Add to it a really low stack and you get everything you need for an advanced cycling training. Plug and play toy. It takes about two minutes for me, to swap the pedals between different bikes. The only thing I do after that, is to calibrate them on my Sigma or Garmin bike computer. That's it! The battery is built-in and last for a loooong time. You can always check the battery level, using an app, but I simply let them discharge completely (hate to think about charging everything all the time), which means, that I lose a power data for every 40th workout, or so... I only check the battery level before an important race or an FTP test. Disadvantages? Yes, one - no MTB version so far. I was told by the manufacturer, that the MTB version would have to be more shock resistant. I'm sure they are working on the MTB pedals, because in mu opinion - the ones I have are durable enough for my Cross Country races. I know, it's not very often, when I don't complain about ANYTHING in the tested products, but in this case, even the price was very well set by Favero company, so this is definitely ONE OF THE BEST bicycle products I ever tried.
  14. This is a tough cyclocross machine - you can race on it, you can train on it on the road and indoors... I even made an XC race on my Mission CX 8000. The bike is fast! Here's the XC race I made on Merida Mission CX (watch out for those steep downhills!):
  15. NL Hopper

    Cannondale Perp 2 for tonsheng mid drive?

    I’m in a very limited used Xc / Dh area on a limited budget . Are hardrtails generally better for conversions ? Know for a couple of Kona Stinkys as well, but local shops say they can only get seals for Drop Zone bombers and won’t rebuild them since they cant get internals . Not many Bikes/Ebikes in Newfoundland so your you YouTube Channel has been a lot of help .
  16. The Elite Drivo 2 interactive trainer has been tested in my studio for about 2 years now. I just got the new Suito model and had to return "my" Drivo, thus the test results... I will mostly describe three features, that make the Drivo my favourite trainer to date. Hypersmooth! Pedalling feels natural and real. The Drivo 2 replaced my previous trainers - Tacx Flux and Flux 2 - and I could feel improved road - like feel right away. As a matter of fact, many workouts I did on it were outside my new studio, without plugging the Drivo to the power source. The flywheel plus the double - belt transmission makes the whole thing spin so smooth, I was just using my shifters for changing the resistance. Great thing! Stable. The Elite Drivo 2 doesn't look so great, as the Star Wars - like Tacx trainers, but with its wide front support, it makes sprinting out of the saddle so much fun. I was experiencing some squeaking noise at the beginning, but after I noticed and adjusted the small, red knobs, the trainer stopped making any sounds. The front supporting arm has no less than FIVE contact points with the floor. With the heaviness of the whole thing, it makes the Drivo very stable. Silent. Start using the Drivo 2 and all of a sudden the drivetrain of your bike becomes loud It's because you don't hear your chain so much on the road, where there are other distractions, like the wind noise. Indoors, on a silent trainer, you should get the feeling, that your bike is louder, than the trainer itself and that's the case with the Drivo. It is your legs, that should get fatigued during the workout, not your ears. Elite Drivo 2 - things I don't like. Yes, I can recommend buying this trainer to all advanced cyclists, but there are mainly two things to be aware of. Number one is the plastic handle - it's very flexible and easy to break, if you don't pull it straight up, so be careful with that. The second thing is, that the front supporting arm has no protection against the sweat. The two screws will absorb the sweat into their threads and they get covered in rust after some weeks of your base winter training. It is true, that most of the sweat drops onto the top tube and headset area (which MUST be covered), but in my case, the sweat also goes down through the saddle cut out. As you can see on the pictures, it doesn't look terrible, but covering the supporting arm isn't a bad idea. Smooth, stable, silent and accurate too - these are the main attributes of the Elite Drivo 2 indoor trainer. They make it a great tool for Zwift training, but if you decide to use it as a fluid trainer, it does the job as well. And here below you can see my new Suito - lighter, thinner and... we will see more about it soon.
  17. SickBiker

    Cannondale Perp 2 for tonsheng mid drive?

    Where do you plan to but the battery?
  18. I’m thinking of purchasing a 2007 Cannondale Perp 2 for a tonsheng mid drive build . Would this bike be a good choice ?
  19. Hello, I have a 28 inch tour bike which I am riding for a long time and I am uprgrading it. I've just purchased a 1x12 deore Xt 8100 set with a 11-52 casette. Now I have to order a crankset but I have a problem. Because I will ride it both on and off road (no hard climbes) I want to order a 42 T crank. Is it possible and does it effect my shifting performance? because of changing angle or all I need is a longer chain and that is all? All custom crank sellers tell that their cranks are competible with all types 10-11-12 is there a thickness value I have to look for at a chainring? Thank you upfront for your kind answers! :)
  20. SickBiker

    Road and Gravel Bikes - Kellys 2020.

    Here is the range of road and gravel bikes from Kellys explained. In 2020, there are two road bikes: carbon URC and alloy ARC. The gravel bike is called the Soot.
  21. Hi, I'm about to make 100h service for my Cannondale FSI 2015 with Lefty 2.0 fork. Especially I'm interested in grease used for orings and lefty internals like on this movie - link needed. Can u provide link to some list of tools for such maintenance? Regards, DevnBike
  22. Here are the Trek 2020 road bikes: Trek Madone - aero racing bike, Trek Emonda - lightweight climbing bike, Trek Domane - IsoSpeed equipped endurance bike. What does all that mean for you, as a buyer, has been explained in this video guide:
  23. SickBiker

    Trek 2020 Bikes - Beginner's Guide.

    What bike to choose? What are all these types of the bikes all about: Triathlon bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Cross Country bikes, Downhill bikes, Gravel bikes, Endurance road bikes, Performance road bikes, Dual Sport / Fitness / Hybrid / Urban / Commuter bikes, Trail bikes. All that you'll find out in my newest guide:
  24. CUBE Elite C:68X is the NEW Cross Country carbon hardtail for 2020. The C:68X is the newest and lightest carbon lay-up, that the Elite model is build of.
  25. Gravel bikes still come a little overpriced. Finding a gravel grinder in a reasonable price isn't that easy, but there are some brands, who managed to build these adventure bikes, that won't brake our budget.
  26. SickBiker

    Top 5 Unique Gravel Bikes For 2020.

    More tire clearance, more mounts for bags, bottles and everything and.. more suspension travel! That seems to be the new trend for gravel bikes in year 2020. Some features seem great, other pointless... What do you think?
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