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  2. Please, I would like to know How can I open the resistance unit of tacx satori Smart trainer t2400? Best regards, Franco Henrique.
  3. Hi there, I'm planning on making my own bike workshop and I'm still not sure what would be best. I saw that you have a really nice drawer with a holder and also a tool table that I'm curious about, what brand is it and could you tell me about some more of the tools that you are currently using ? Thank you in advance :)
  4. SweetMTB

    Shimano Acera components

    Hi Danny, would you please do a video on the shimano Acera group set? I love the 7spd ez fire shifters with the combined v-brakes. When setup right Acera still performs relatively well for a budget group set! I would like to see more budget bikes come with the Acera group set over the budget Tourney group set! Bikes around the $500 range. :-)
  5. Dears, I have just acquired a Cannondale Trail SL2. It is equipped with fork : RockShox Judy Gold RL, 100mm, Solo Air, 15x110 thru-axle, remote lockout, tapered steerer, 51mm offset tire : Schwalbe Rocket Rick, 29 x 2.25", K-Guard. Rim : WTB STX i23 TCS, 32h, tubeless ready I'm quite disappointed about the fork suspension. Big offset and not impressive on small downhills. I have reduced the tire pressure but gain was not very visible. Maybe I need to make some changes on the air pressure of the fork?.?? I'm thinking to move to a China-made, custom Rigi
  6. during my summer trip 2020 (650km); I used for the front: two Decathlon FORCLAZ TREK 500 (20 euros each, each 200 lumens), one on my bike and one on my head. I used for the rear : two Decathlon VELO CL 900 (20 euros each, each 17 lumens when blinking. I had also 1 spare for front and rear. It was a success.
  7. Great post ! for your info I posted in the "cassette" zone, my idea to come back from a 1x12 (10-51) with 10 usable cogs to a 1x11 (14-51) with 11 usable cogs
  8. Dears, I have just acquired the new Cannondale Trail SL2, it is equipped with a 1x12 , Shimano Deore M6100, 10-51, 12-speed 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51 and a Shimano M6100, 30T. A great bike! I'm not a strong rider. It is my first 29er, I'm coming from a Surly Troll 26inch 2x10 speeds. I have tested the Cannondale Trail SL2 during two weeks, I noticed I never used the cogs 10 and 12 . So I have a 1x12 speed system but I really use 10 of the 12 speeds. I'm thinking to move to a 11 speed cassette. Why ? to have more usable cogs! Here is my idea : I will take a
  9. Hello , So I am in a pickle of what to do with my road bike. I just recently bought a budget bike (the only one I found during COVID 19) and before I continue here the specs KHS Flite 150 (2017) Fork Hi-Ten Unicrown, Straight Blades Headset Threadless 1-1/8” Rims Alloy Double Wall w/CNC Sidewall Hubs ( F/R) KT Alloy QR, Cassette Tires Road 700X28C Derailleur, Front Shimano FD-A070, 31.8 clamp Derailleur, Rear Shimano Acera M360 Shifters Shimano STI, ST-A070 Chain
  10. Dear all, I have several Cannondale bikes and among them is CAADX 105 2020. Recently I have noticed a video on SB youtube channel on how to setup and install steering tube expander. The video itself is super usefull, thank you Danny, but if you follow it with a new Cannondale CAADX bike, you may damage your carbon fork. The reason for this is a Cannondale/FSA expander - KP017. In the old versions of this expander (for Cannondale SuperSix, or within a headset kit KP044) it has a wider diameter of the top cap (see attached photo expander supersix) and a flat top surface. Even in the ma
  11. Hi, I just bought a Tacx Smart Satori for my 26inch wheel MTB. I also have a Tacx trainer tyre and Continental Tour Slim Tube inflated to 8.1 bar (~120PSI). I’ve configured everything correctly, however I had to tighten the roller exceptionally well and still my callibration is pretty low, although in the green area. And besides that, the level goes only up to Stage 8 and stops. Is it normal for a 26 inch MTB to be that tight? And do you think there is any way to fix the level to go to the last one and not stop at 8? Im trying to Upload a photo but it doesn’t work :(
  12. Rear wheel. This is a Merida Expert 27.5 rear wheel, laced around the Shimano SLX 12 speed hub. The cup and cone bearings on it doesn't spin as smoothly, as the DT Swiss 350, but it's much cheaper and some will prefer the silent freehub body, as opposed to quite loud DT Swiss ratchet system. I'll have the mullet wheelset system, meaning 29'er in the front and the 650B in the back. The rear wheels weighs 1090 g and it is very durable. I've already made about 15.000 km on such wheels and they've survived many hits. No truing needed! My tires are: Maxxis Minion DHR II
  13. Fast doesn't have to be harsh... 2021 Merida Reacto 6000 is the fourth generation of aero racing bikes, designed in Stuttgart Germany and made in Taiwan. I had the 3rd generation and I loved it. What has changed on the newest machine? The new Reacto got even sleeker disc coolers, that now don't stand out. I like the forks dropouts, nicely integrated with the cooler. These brakes + these fins = a lot of braking power at high speed. In addition, the rear through axle lever is removable and becomes and allen key, which you can use not only for removing the whe
  14. Hi, Any good quality 29" carbon wheels supplier in Poland? Need a set for normal ride not racing, not too expensive, at 1300 grams.
  15. Shariq

    New Bike + Rookie

    Hi! I am new to mountain biking or bike riding in general. Like everyone else I bought a cheap mountain bike during COVID-19 lockdown and fell in love. I enjoyed so much (left like a teenager again) I decided to buy a new bike as I want to continue & improve my riding. Now, I bought a 2021 Nukeproof Scout 275 Pro (still waiting for delivery), and I am trying to figure out what tools I need to maintain this bike on my own. Taking it to a shop for service will be too costly. Already have a very upset wife, don't want to add more fuel to it LOL. So far, I only have 1 tool i.e.
  16. William

    2x10 or 1x12

    So I am really having a dilemma about the choice between upgrading my 3x8 to 2x10 (deore m6000) or should I go 1x12 (nx eagle because of freewheel hub). I do kind of serious xc but not like super high level or something. I really just want good easy shifting performance and by watching sickbiker he says NX is not the best shiftingwise with the overshifts. Could anyone give me any advice on this?
  17. Bml337

    Cannondale Topstone frame size

    my inseam is 30
  18. Hi my friend. I have question about Magnesium Wheels. Can you tell me please what you think about the wheels ?itis 29inch for MTB bike. On eBay they are cheap, but??? I am Cycling 50%/road 50%not, difficult level in forest. Thank you..Roman.
  19. Love the channel. I’m interested in getting into gravel riding and have been looking at the cannondale Topstone. I currently ride a supersix evo HM 54cm 100mm stem w 5mm spacer and I’m 5’9’’ based in the cannondale website I should be riding a MED Topstone. The inventory is very thin here in the states and I’ve been searching for a M for months. Finally found one today 100 miles from my house and purchased it. How do I know if the the frame is the right size. Specifically the stand over height? I can just stand over the M with the top tube slightly touching my gen
  20. Hello again, Sorry to write you after a long time I thought you didn't answer. I lost my original account and now I took a new one. I want to complete the story. 8100 set didn't went well we had many problems and even shimano service center couldn't find out what is wrong. So I bought myself 8000XT full shimano set with 46 T set up (Which is also compatible with my 8000 hub). Shimano service told me a lot of things about compatibility but now I think again and maybe the only problem was chain length (It was extremely tight). I will test and write if I have the chance to try it on another
  21. Is Shimano SL-M670 shifter (2/3x10) for front derailleur compatible with GRX FC-RX600 Crankset and front derailleur GRX FD-RX400 2x10-fach? Matijas
  22. Want to lose weight by taking up a childhood activity, and making it your fitness activity! If yes, then this article will helps in achieving your Fitness Goal. Cycling for Weight Loss? Top 10 Tips To Do it Right.
  23. Chriscotech

    Sram Eagle Rear Derailleur Adjustment. Tutorial

    You may have a bent tooth on your 4th cog. Try turning the crank slowly and watching carefully what is happening. Does the chain lift off the sprocket at one point? You should be able to carefully bend it back straight. I have a nearly new bike with a SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain. It only Shifts well at one end of the cassette or the other. If I set it up right for the larger cogs it gets progressively slower at shifting down to the smaller ones. Shifting up is fine. I have checked the hanger is straight and everything is clean. This tells me that the cable is not allowing the derailleur to
  24. marcolose

    Chain rub

    The primary impact crusher is strong and usefull
  25. Hi Tightening/loosening the gear cable and setting the limit screws is making no difference to my 12 speed sram nx set up. All the gears work well apart from 4th which every complete revolution tries to change down a gear to 3rd. Would welcome some advice
  26. Hi, could you tell me where I can buy new races (inner and outer) and the 4 needle bearing strip for a Cannondale Headshok fatty (2000)? Thank you! John
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