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  2. Hi, I have a cyclo315 for my rides but I'm nos living in Colombia South America and the preloaded maps are only for US. How yo download open street maps for this device? Thanks for your help
  3. Bichael

    Is high HEART RATE dangerous for you?

    You can also keep an eye on your heart rate variability, which is a measure of the time between successive heart beats. Whenever it varies over time, you could be well rested and handle more stress. Whenever it is monotone, almost exactly the same for each heart beat, you could be fatigued or under stress. It can help you to decide what training intensity is appropriate for a certain day. Intro to hrv:
  4. Tamás

    Drivetrain problem

    I have an interesting if i clean my drivetrain i get an interesting feeling ... i mean when i pedal its not smooth.( its feels like its popping etc)..when its getting a bit dirty its become super smooth.....chain and casette is not that old, same probleme after replacing both....why is this ? i cant understand... Any1 please help.
  5. Hi, i have tektro m275 hydraulic brakes. Recently, i replaced my original organic pads with cerramic ones, and i didnt feel the diffrence really. So i know i have spongy brakes and oil needs replacement, what should i do about increasing brake performance? Also my cerramic pads squeal and pretty much dont have braking power on rain, just on rain. Help?
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  7. Seif

    Rose reveal

    Bonjour : Je suis intéressé par le nouveau vélo pour l'endurance de la marque ROSE REVEAL avec le groupe 105 Le prix de ce dernier est de 2500€ Merci de m'aider à décider sur quel vélo je dois m'engager par rapport au connandal synapse 105 qui coûte 2300€ à savoir que je vise beaucoup plus sur le confort est de dénivelé plus de kilomètres Merci d'avance
  8. Old Mountain Bike Restoration. How are you friends! Last week I finally got the package, with an "old", or rather abused Cannondale Flash F3. The serial number starts with Y, so this is a 2011 model. The whole project must not exceed $500 and will include: purchasing the bike - $380, the shipment - $35, new cables and housings ($15), cheap and heavy MTB tires ($40?), used saddle. The work is on my side of course and it should be worth about $250 in Poland. It includes: complete bike disassembly, fixing the main issues, washing the bike (pressure washer > steam cleaner > degreaser), greasing and assembly. The main problems with the bike are: rusty, hardly working rear derailleur, Fatty DLR80 damper not working, rusty derailleur cables and housings, the seatpost stuck in the seat tube, loud lower headset bearing, road tires (?!), the dent and the scratches will be fixed in the second phase of this project.
  9. Hi everybody, I'm looking for road racing in the Warsaw general area of Poland between now and the end of June. I am a Category 2 racer in the United States but I don't know what races I am able to enter here in Poland. If you have some information about racing or can explain how the system works here it would be very appreciated.
  10. szymon


    so basically my PAS doesn't work, i have tried another one but it didn't work as well, as if the signal is being blocked, do you think it is the fault of the controller?
  11. SickBiker

    Training with Non Interactive Smart Trainer

    Sorry for late reply, with your trainer, you can still use platforms, like Zwift, Trainerroad etc. Your question is very general though, because the cadence and power must be decided in connection with some training plan or workouts. I would definitely begin by determining your training zones, just remember, that on your device it will be an estimate and can be quite inaccurate.
  12. SickBiker

    Intermittent Fasting & Training Schedule

    Sorry for late reply, I'll paste the link to a great source of knowledge about that below, but first my observations: if you train from 6:30 pm to 9 pm, it can largely affect your sleep quality, as your body is in a working, or even fight or flight state and there is probably to much of cortisol in your system; that can diminish your recovery (you may get to sleep "enough" hours, but with to little of the deep sleep phase), not eating 3 hours before the endurance training and then fasting for a whole night, might not be very good overall.
  13. brillant thanks very much for your help
  14. I'm not sure, it is possible to replace the maps on Mio devices.
  15. Your bike has the newer generation - PF30A bottom bracket, which stands for Press Fit 30 mm axle Asymmetric.
  16. Hi, can u please send me your Mio_system files archive. Trying to set up maps from Wester to Eastern Europe. Tryed conntacting Mio but little help. Please help
  17. hi everyone i plan to convert from my fsa crankset to a shimano 24mm crankset on my2017 supersix evo i have sourced a conversion kit from c-bear but there is 2 types of frames for evo BB30A and PF30A how can i finf out which one i need ?
  18. TPinDe

    Sram XX1 Eagle maintenance tips + features.

    I’m trying to work out my 10-50 Jeffsy after it wasn’t properly setup. I have the gears running through the full range, but the 42 continues to be a problem. It jumps and skips, no matter how I adjust the B screw in 1/4 turn increments. Any ideas? Is this a cable tension issue? Thanks.,
  19. Here are two tricks for the Shimano freehub body removal, that is stuck. When the rear hub is laced into the wheel, it is easier adn all you need to have is a wall and maybe some extension for your hex key: When you have the rear hub removed from the wheel, it gets a bit more difficult, but the brake cable (or shifting cable) and two slabs will do...
  20. Cleaning the chain and the cassette is not enough. To much lube on the chain will also lead to even more dirt on your drivetrain. Here's how I prepare my mountain bike drivetrain for the muddy races:
  21. On the 12 speed rear derailleurs, adjusting the distance between the guide pulley and the 10-51T cassette is much more crucial, than on the older drivetrains, especially those with "small" cassettes, like 11-42T. Here's how to make it:
  22. SickBiker

    Olympic Games, Cross Country MTB Race 2020.

    Olympic Games, Cross Country MTB Race 2020.
  23. until
    DH / XCO / XCC MTB World Cup Les Gets, France 2020.
  24. until
    DH / XCO / XCC MTB World Cup Val di Sole, Italy 2020.
  25. until
    UCI MTB DH World Championships - Leogang, Austria 2020.
  26. until
    DH / XCO / XCC MTB World Cup Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada 2020.
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