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SickBiker Forum - Terms and Conditions


I. General Terms:

  1. The Owner of this forum allows the User to participate in the discussions in order to ask questions, help others and exchange the experiences.
  2. Forum Owner takes no responsibility for the Users and their comments, even though the content is being moderated daily and the Owner strives to keep it in a good manner.
  3. Forum Owner can edit or delete all the comments that violate the Terms and Conditions of the Forum. 
  4. The User understands, that there might be some advertisements being displayed on the Forum as well as the affiliate links used in the blog.
  5. Reproduction of copyright content elsewhere in any form, including printing or electronic media is specifically prohibited without prior written permission.
  6. The Owner has the right to change / update Terms and Conditions.

II. Registration:

Contributing to this web forum requires registration. Certain information is mandatory - such as a name and a valid email address. The personal details which you provide on registration will not be disclosed to third parties other than in exceptional circumstances (e.g. the prevention of a serious crime).

  1. By registering to the Forum all Users accept Terms and Conditions.
  2. One person can own ONE account only.
  3. The use of an account name and / or avatar, that violates the law is prohibited.

III. Writing posts:

The goal of SickBiker forum is to build a community of friendly people, who love cycling or sport in any form. 

Thus all Users will not:

  1. Submit comments that contain personal information e.g. home addresses or phone numbers.
  2. Submit comments that are unlawful, harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually orientated or racially offensive.
  3. Swear or use language that could offend other forum participants.
  4. Advertise or promote products or services (except for the ANNOUNCEMENTS category).
  5. Spam or flood the forum. Only submit a comment once.
  6. Resubmit the same, or similar, comments.

IV. Link To Other Websites.

The Forum Owner is not responsible for the content of external websites and links to external sites should not be taken as an endorsement of their content.

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