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30 Days Challenge. DAY 1 - Set Your Goal.


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If you want to make a positive, lasting change in your life, this challenge is for you :)

Take EACH day with its tasks seriously and you can be surprised with the outcome!

DAY 1.

Think over, analyse and write down your goal for these 30 days. It has to be SPECIFIC, REALISTIC, yet CHALLENGING. Don't write then: "I wanna lose weight", "I want to look better", "I want to race better". You won't be able to work towards such an idea. Instead, write something like: "I'll lose 15 pounds", "I'm going to quit smoking", "I'll fix my LDL level" etc. 

You may write, what you want and you can add some pictures to you post. This will be the place for a discussion for all of us.

Here is my goal: I'm going to finish in TOP 10 on Polish XCO Nationals 22nd of July. PERIOD! :) 



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Ok my plan is to lose 1 stone weight,I currently weigh 15stone 12, my plan is to ride Tuesday nights, Thursday nights and Sunday morning each about 30 -40 miles each


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In the next 30 days, I want to lose 2kg and get back into shape (I've been slacking for a few years) and "prove" that by doing at least a 100km ride. And I want to learn manual.

There is, however, a small chance that my attempts at completing this challenge will be interrupted by something wonderful (my wife has a due date by the end of July).

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In the next 30 days I will stop eating sweets and Ice cream. 

Currently I have been eating about 100g sweet choclet a day and an ice cream. That will have to end.

Hope this will help giving me a more stable enery level and be more focused at what I set up to do.

My training goal will be to manage to climbe steep and tecknichal pasages. I have two steep and tricky climbes that is to difficult for me now, but I imageing that it will be possible.

Adding more leg power and slightly better balance and some ability to do a couple uppwards jumping motions to overpass some obsticles will do it.


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Hi Danny, I'm kind of late for start of this challenge, but I will make jump start. I have start riding last year after 12 year pause. Last year I bought Bulls Copperhead 3 27.5 and make almost 2000 km for 4 months. This year I have bought Cube LTD Pro 29 2015 and done maintenance for good start of season. This month I made about 500 km.I usually commute to my work (about 19 km in each direction ) for about 3 times per week. So my GOAL is to make in one day trip to my friend in different town, about 120 km away. I will be on vacation in August so I thought to make my ride then. I dont know if it's important but I am 27 years old, ex weightlifter, and have about 104 kg.

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