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Project 400$ - Vintage Cannondale CAAD3 Road Bike.


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Finally new Bike Project!

Vintage and used bikes project comes back to my studio. As you may know from our LIVE event on my YouTube channel, I was able to get a beautiful Cannondale CAAD3 roadie from 1998. It is time to give it some tender care ;)

The Story Behind Each Project.

Each bicycle I buy, especially the vintage one, has been through many training sessions, races and/or journeys. That's why I'm trying to get as many information about its past owners as possible. My "new" CAAD3 might have 30.000 - 50.000 kilometers in the wheels. Thomas, who sold me the bike is a very kind guy and I already got from him an e-mail address to the previous owner, so that I can get even more interesting info about my roadie.


This machine has already done some serious thousands of miles...

The Bikes Condition, Exact Model And Year...

It's time now to find out more about my bike. The serial number begins with the letters "JE", which means here, that this Cannondale was produced in May 1998. That is the same year, as my black Killer :) I have the catalog from 1998 and there was no CAAD3 road bike on Campagnolo, so the components here have all been replaced. I think, that the only original part on the bicycle is the frame... Let's take a closer look at it.


The CAAD4 frames were introduced in 1999, so I already new my bike is older.


The 105 brakes replaced the original ones, but the shiny finishing fits the look of the bike.


A whole drivetrain must be replaced, as the chain is worn way over the 0,75 limit...


Corrosion in a couple of areas needs some care.


The fork fits the bike, as it is the Time/Cannondale model, but it's not original one.


Made In USA...


Look at those welds!


I'll buy a new saddle and polish the seatpost.


Campagnolo Daytona - the older brother of Centaur.


Campagnolo Veloce. I'll stick to 10 speed Campy components.


I'd love to keep the original paint.


Shiny parts fits to the bikes from 90's.


The older type of headset was replaced with the A-Head system.

My Budget And Planned Expenses.

The owner of the bike is actually one of my subscribers and he wanted to give me the bike for free, but I wanted to pay at least something. The final price was just 75$ plus my travelling cost (I picked it up personally) 25$, which gives us a hundred bucks :) My budget for this roadie project was actually 375$, so I have 275$ left, which will be spent on:

  • Campagnolo 10s shifters (these are very "tired" and lost the indexing),
  • Campy 10s chain,
  • Campy 10s cassette,
  • Campy 10s crankset (the FSA doesn't look right here),
  • the saddle,
  • the handlebar with the stem and the tape,
  • cables and housings,
  • paint fix or a whole paint...

I'll be searching for used parts, or some Campagnolo SALES, so my budget should be good. There is also a problem with one insert for the bottle cage, which is loose, but during the LIVE event you've told me already, that "RJ The Bike Guy" has a tutorial on that, thanks :) Remember, that you can still participate in the poll, where we decide on the paint :)The poll is just at the beginning of this episode.

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