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Navigating Trends in the Automatic Tire Inflation System Market

Pramod Kumar

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Pramod Kumar

In 2023, the global automatic tire inflation system market achieved a valuation of USD 83.6 million, and it is anticipated to exhibit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% from 2024 to 2030. This growth trajectory is expected to lead to a market value of USD 171.8 million by the year 2030.

This growth of the market can be credited to the rise in the making and sale of all-landscape and heavy commercial vehicles worldwide. For them, automatic tire inflation systems are utilized widely to advance security and effectiveness. Such systems aid in growing car performance and boost economy, which eventually leads to reduced downtime. Few nations are instructing their use of heavy-duty trucks to decrease the probability of accidents.

The growing acceptance of such systems in durable vehicles, which are extensively utilized in punitive atmospheres, like construction places and off-road topography, is a key propeller for the industry. This is mainly due to their ability to change tire pressure because of the differences in load, temp, and terrain. Inflation systems guarantee that their tires have a suitable amount of air, which aids in advancing safety, fuel effectiveness, and life.

The predominant category commands a substantial 60% share of the overall revenue and is projected to experience noteworthy growth with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.7% throughout the forecast period. The rationale behind this robust growth lies in the diverse advantages offered by these variants, tailored to specific industries and vehicle types. 

Notably, these variants facilitate real-time adjustment of tire pressure while in motion, allowing vehicles to seamlessly adapt to fluctuating load conditions and diverse terrains. This adaptability proves particularly advantageous in applications such as off-roading, military operations, and agricultural settings. The ability to fine-tune air pressure based on terrain conditions significantly enhances traction, thereby improving overall vehicle stability and performance.

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