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9x135mm QR on road bike frame


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Hi all,

I built a road bike from a CAAD 12 rim brake frameset recently. It turned out the frame rear spacing fits a 9x135mm QR wheel. To my knowledge, 9x135mm QR on road bikes is not usual but I managed to find a pair of vision team 35 wheels. I was happy with that configuration until I decided to upgrade to carbon wheels, which I have had a hard time to find *any* option out there. Actually I only found a Vision Metron SL wheelset but unfortunately very expensive.

I heard on some forums It is possible to use 9x130mm alongside a 5mm adaptor on the non-drive side. It would need dishing on the wheel so that It gets centered. Honestly I dislike that Idea, dishing the wheel...hmmm... do not know.

Another option is to buy the hub, rim and spokes to then build the wheel myself. But again, guess what, I cannot find a road rim break 9x135mm QR hub nowhere. I asked a couple of vendors at Aliexpress and I always get a "Sorry, It is 130mm" reply. Ultimately an idea has spinned around my head: use a disc-brake hub instead. Would It be possible? What are the drawnbacks?

I might be missing something...what would you advice?



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