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Road Bikes With Flat Bars Can Be COOL! Do You Need Drop Bars? Part 2.


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Hi Danny…(not sure if this is the proper place to ask this but)… i have been watching your informative videos on you tube and have just recently joined this forum. I have a Giant Fastroad SLR with 9 speed Shimano Sora. I'm still basically a beginner biker... Been biking for only a year. Just wondering if it's worth it to upgrade my components to maybe Shimano 105 or Ultegra? Or will I be better off getting a new bike .. maybe a Giant Defy Advanced? Considering the cost and the better performance I can expect from the better components or maybe all those components don't matter and it just boils down to my own fitness?




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Hi there :) If you mean this bike:


It is a very nice fitness machine and yes, it would be worth upgrading. The thing is, that running 11 speed Shimano 105 or Ultegra groupset won't change a lot here. Are the brakes strong enough? Is the saddle comfy? Is the crankset stiff enough (no front mech rubbing when off the saddle)? The part, which could definitely improve the ride would be a carbon seatpost.

If you decide to buy a seatpost, just remember, that you have a Giant D-Fuse model: https://goo.gl/dFMukK

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Yup.. that's the bike I have. Brakes.. I wish were stronger. Seats are comfortable. Crankset would rub sometimes. Can you clarify why upgrading the groupset won't make much of a difference? Is it because of me… as a still less experienced rider? Don't worry I can take criticism hehe . I just wonder if I do decide to upgrade.. Will it be better to buy a whole new bike like a Giant Defy or to invest in upgrading my components. Thank you in advance Danny.

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Hi dtchua. I think, that when you like to spin on high and rather constant cadence. And also the terrain, where you ride is pretty flat.. Then 11 speed is good thing to have. But if you ride mostly very steep and short climbs and descends.. with low cadence maybe.. and maybe standing up when climbing. Then it might be meaningless.. But I don't know. I don't like deep hills that much.. I prefer long and shallow maybe. But upgrading the  groupset is pretty expensive..  It's pretty individual too, I think.. I don't know. There might be something that is more beneficial and costeffective. It really depends of personal choice..  I probably would upgrade groupset only if I really liked that frame very much.. Example, you need good brakes when you use them a lot.. maybe when doing group rides you need them to be reliable and accurate.. Or in city traffic. But when riding long laps on empty road, alone... There might be something else, that's more important.. something for comfort maybe.

Also I think beginners actually benefit from better groupset with more gears.

I'm not beginner, but just a very weak rider. I have shimano 105 11 speed, but I would like to have more gears, but unfortunately they don't make triple crank set for 105 .. It would probably be weird, if I change the left shifter and crankset to some different groupset.. They look now so similar though.. but I don't know. ^_^

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