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Prayer Give me a Cycle

Sadman Siam

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Assalamu Alaikum.

 My name is Md. Sadman Nabid Siam.  My home is Panchagarh, Bangladesh, I study in Panchagarh Vishnuprasad (B,P) Government High School.

 Actually I can't find the language how to start that.

 Let me tell you straight- when I was six years old my father divorced my mother, now I am 16 years old I live with my mother my mother is a daily labourer.  Hence our financial problems.

 I was very fond of cycling, but where else did that hope come true?  Could not buy a bicycle due to family financial problems.

 I found you after a lot of searching, so I messaged you directly.

 I am sincerely sorry for the direct message, please forgive me sir.

 If you don't mind read my message please sir give me a bicycle please.

 I am sure if you read my message, inshallah you will give me a bicycle.  I could learn cycling from you please sir.

 It would be very helpful for me, please sir.

 I ended my message with this hope.

 Assalamu Alaikum.


 Sir, give a cycle you used, please sir.

 I will be forever grateful to you.

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