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Enduro E-Bike Build. Part 1 - The Wheels.


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Rear wheel.

This is a Merida Expert 27.5 rear wheel, laced around the Shimano SLX 12 speed hub. The cup and cone bearings on it doesn't spin as smoothly, as the DT Swiss 350, but it's much cheaper and some will prefer the silent freehub body, as opposed to quite loud DT Swiss ratchet system. I'll have the mullet wheelset system, meaning 29'er in the front and the 650B in the back.

IMG_20201016_083416.jpg IMG_20201016_083341.jpg IMG_20201016_083306.jpg IMG_20201016_083242.jpg IMG_20201016_083222.jpg IMG_20201016_083157.jpg


The rear wheels weighs 1090 g and it is very durable. I've already made about 15.000 km on such wheels and they've survived many hits. No truing needed! My tires are: Maxxis Minion DHR II (rear) and Maxxis Assegai (front). Initially, I will run them with the inner tubes. This setup gives me a lot of confidence in any situation on the toughest trails. The Minion 27.5 weighs 1249 g and the inner tube additional 273 g. As I related in my video o YouTube, about rubbish things on new bikes, my inner tube (new!) failed to hold air and I needed to patch it! Make sure the tire sits straight, what a tiny line indicates (shown on the picture below). If the line goes in and out of the rim, you'll get up and down movement of your tire. Especially if the tire bead feels stiff, you can water it and the rim wall, before inflating the tire. Then inflate a bit more, that you desire for riding, so that the air will push the tire into place. Don't exceed the maxim pressure recommended!

IMG_20201016_083123.jpg IMG_20201016_083055.jpg IMG_20201016_083033.jpg IMG_20201016_083012.jpg IMG_20201016_082938.jpg IMG_20201016_082813.jpg IMG_20201016_082754.jpg IMG_20201016_082708.jpg IMG_20201016_082605.jpg IMG_20201016_082545.jpg IMG_20201016_082504.jpg


The 12 speed Shimano SLX cassette requires the micro spline Shimano freehub body. The cassette is 10-50T and it weighs 528 g, but I would much rather install 10-45T for a powerful e-bike. The first eleven sprocket fir the splines on the freehub body, but the smallest one is actually being installed on the splines in the 11th sprocket. Make sure you fit it correctly!

IMG_20201016_081414.jpg IMG_20201016_081325.jpg IMG_20201016_081209.jpg IMG_20201016_081122.jpg IMG_20201016_080944.jpg


All you need now is the cassette tool and you tighten the lockring pretty firmly with an adjustable wrench. I also cover the drivetrain with a little of Brunox Deo, so that no mud will stick and it will prolong the lifetime of all moving parts. Yes, it's been made for forks, but it works so well with my drivetrains! :) 

IMG_20201016_080912.jpg IMG_20201016_080847.jpg IMG_20201016_080810.jpg IMG_20201016_080732.jpg


Front wheel.

My front wheel weighs 930 g and it's a 29 inch rim. The Assegai 29" tire weighs around 1290 g and the inner tube adds 241 g to the system. Both front and rear rim have 29/32 mm width. I will run the 203 mm Shimano SM-RT64 rotors. The rear one has the speed sensor magnet built in. The front rotor weighs 203 g (just as its diameter :) ). The Shimano rotor lock ring weighs 20 g.

IMG_20201016_082434.jpg IMG_20201016_082405.jpg IMG_20201016_082336.jpg IMG_20201016_082313.jpg IMG_20201016_082237.jpg IMG_20201016_082214.jpg IMG_20201016_082202.jpg IMG_20201016_082141.jpg IMG_20201016_082121.jpg IMG_20201016_082100.jpg IMG_20201016_082021.jpg IMG_20201016_081510.jpg IMG_20201016_081447.jpg


There you go! My wheelset is ready, let's start assembling the full suspension frame!


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