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Yoeleo Carbon MTB XC Wheelset Test.


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Yoeleo Carbon MTB Wheels For $965.



This is a short info on the test I've made in 2018:

  • the model - 29er XC932 PRO Hookless/Tubeless Ready (LINK),
  • front wheel weight - 686 g (15x100 mm axle),
  • rear wheel weight - 750 g (12x148 mm Boost),
  • wheelset weight - 1436 g (manufacturer's info for QR version - 1342 g),
  • rider weight limit - 105 kg / 231 lbs,
  • hubs - DT Swiss 240,
  • spokes - Sapim CX,
  • rim width - modern 32 mm!



These wheels give you a stiff and solid platform, that weighs 1436 g for $965. As an example, my truly beloved DT Swiss XRC 1200 Spline wheelset will weigh 1480 g in Boost standard and 30 mm wide rims for $2783. Let's not forget, that the XRC 1200 wheels are built around 180 hubs, which have ceramic bearings. Nontheless the price of the Yoeleo product is pretty good.

I raced on these wheels a hilly MTB marathon and had made some aggressive downhill attacks, where no lack of stiffness was felt. Overall I was very happy with the Yoeleo product and had also no problems converting to tubeless with an electrical tape and Stan's No Tubes Sealant. I can recommend this product :) 


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The "higher end" Chinese wheels are fine for most anyone who doesn't live in the mountains from what I hear. Today I descended several thousand feet at high speed, that's very common for me. I brake late and I brake hard. No, I don't need or want disc brakes. But I also don't want to die going 50mph down a mountain. Therefore I just can't get behind these or any other Chinese wheels, just too much at stake. I've seen far too many almost kill people with my own eyes.

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