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$500 Project - 2011 Cannondale Flash F3 Restoration.

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Old Mountain Bike Restoration.


How are you friends! Last week I finally got the package, with an "old", or rather abused Cannondale Flash F3. The serial number starts with Y, so this is a 2011 model. The whole project must not exceed $500 and will include:

  • purchasing the bike - $380,
  • the shipment - $35,
  • new cables and housings ($15),
  • cheap and heavy MTB tires ($40?),
  • used saddle.

The work is on my side of course and it should be worth about $250 in Poland. It includes:

  • complete bike disassembly,
  • fixing the main issues,
  • washing the bike (pressure washer > steam cleaner > degreaser),
  • greasing and assembly.

The main problems with the bike are:

  • rusty, hardly working rear derailleur,
  • Fatty DLR80 damper not working,
  • rusty derailleur cables and housings,
  • the seatpost stuck in the seat tube,
  • loud lower headset bearing,
  • road tires (?!),
  • the dent and the scratches will be fixed in the second phase of this project.


20200312_121202.jpg 20200312_121226.jpg

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Hi Danny,

Awesome job on this project!

when are we going to see your next video of you rebuilding the bike with a newly painted frame?

This bike will really be a sweet ride then!


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Nice. Look forward  to seeing the next phase!

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