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Merida eOne-Twenty 800 After 1335 km. Brutal Test.


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Let's see some pictures and video first...



Merida eOne-Twenty 800. A thousand ways to use it!

That's the testing I love! Cool bike, tons of fun and zero problems with anything. If you don't know me from my YouTube channel, I am an XC rider, doing some 10.000 - 12.000 kilometers annually. Here's how an e-bike fits my lifestyle.

  1. I do the course preview on it. I can come early morning to the race and make 4-7 laps on the track. It helps me to prepare for the technical sections and come up with some tactics. My legs stay fresh though.
  2. MTB technique drills. I simply go out and find some super technical descend. Then I can smash it 10 times, if I want, without destroing my legs before the next day workout.
  3. Exploration. I have discovered so many new routes and places this year.
  4. Recovery ride. This is the type of ride, which I've been usually making on a road bike. Now my e-bike helps me find new ways to recover, without getting bored with the same roads over and over again.
  5. Filming. My eOne-Twenty is the main bike for my camera man, when we go out for shooting some videos. 


How does the Shimano Steps E800 work after 1335 km?

The whole Shimano Steps system is well designed. Here's the conclusion of our long distance test:

  1. The electric motor kicks in very smoothly .
  2. 250 Watts doesn't seem much, but it feels powerfull on a steep climbs in the Boost mode.
  3. The range displayed on the unit is real.
  4. After 12 months of testing I can easily make 100 km on a flat terrain.
  5. The power sensor is kind of smart - the less you push - the less you get out of the motor. So you need to work as well.



Very capable trail bike!

eOne-Twenty stands for an e-bike with 120 mm of a rear travel (RockShox Revelation 130 mm at the front). It's got also the 27,5+ wheels, which means heavy duty 2.8 tires. In this model these are: Maxxis DHR at the front and Maxxis Rekon in the rear. It is a perfect match of all above mentioned features! Simply find something "impossible to ride through" and go! This machine always wants more and will push it to challenge yourself. It is NOT a bike for lazy people!

I personally wouldn't use tires bigger than 2.6 on a classic bike, but on an e-bike it makes a lot of sense. The tires are bulletproof - just look at the knobs after all these miles! This bike really gives you the feeling of owning a high quality stuff. Oh, and the dropper post is a must on such a trail full suspension bike.

In addition to all that, I didn't service the fork and the rear suspension yet - no need for that. The cable routing is great - no noise at all. And the motor worked flawlessly even in a pouring rain I decided to go out ;) The crankarms though start to squeek, when pushing off the saddle. It's time for some ovehaul. Merida - great job!





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