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Road Bike Watts - Leading vs Following Wheels.


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Race Bike Tactics

Don't work for free, don't make pointless attacks, find the right place in the peloton. That's the conclusion of my latest video, which presents a huge difference in the power output and the heart rate when leading the pack vs. following wheels.


Workout Break Down

I used my Favero Assioma power meter + Sigma ROX 12.0 bike computer. There was a slight hill, which you can see on the overlay of the video below.


3 minutes at 25 km/h leading (15,5 mph) - avg HR 116 bpm, avg power 127 W
3 minutes at 25 km/h following - avg HR 108 bpm, avg power 77 W
3 minutes at 30 km/h leading (18,6 mph) - avg HR 136 bpm, avg power 229 W
3 minutes at 30 km/h following - avg HR 123 bpm, avg power 117 W
3 minutes at 35 km/h leading (22 mph) - avg HR 156 bpm, avg power 304 W
3 minutes at 35 km/h following - avg HR 138 bpm, avg power 206 W



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