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30 Days Challenge. DAY 2 - Write Down The PLAN..


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Knowing WHAT we want to accomplish, we can now make a plan. Figure out, how much time are we going to have for the challenge, meaning: riding the bike, reading books, doing exercises etc. Perhaps you've already planned a vacation. What about having a small training camp then? How much time are you gonna have for the challenge each of these weeks?

Here's my plan:

25.06 - 01.07 (12 hours on the bike, 3 hours of running)

02.07 - 8.07 (18 hours on the bike, 2 hours of running)

09.07 - 15.07 (RECOVERY WEEK, 12 hours on the bike, 1 hour of running)

16-07 - 22.07 (RACE WEEK, 10 hours on the bike, 1 hour of running)

Sunday XCO Polish National Championship



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So This is my schedule.

25.06-01.07.  ( 3 hours on bike, 1 hour of running/jogging)

02.07-08.07. (3-4 hours on bike, 1 hour of running)

09.07.-15.07. (4 hours on bike, 1 hours of running)

16.07.-22.07. (3 hours on bike, 1 hours of running)

23.07- 30.07. (5 hours on bike, 1 hours of running)

I work every day then sunday, but I work in shifts and can make my ride after work. One week I work until 4PM, other one until 7PM. And I will go to work with bike, about 19 km in direction, about 45 minutes ride.

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I have a bit more restricted schedule, so I ride only as a part of my commute. I try to ride a bit harder, so I usually commute by bike 3 times a week and 2 times by bus. On the "bus days"  I do a short (15-30 minutes) exercise before breakfast. My forward bike commute takes about 20 minutes and the return journey takes about 40 minutes (it's uphill) but I try to squeeze more kilometres to the forward journey, so it takes longer than the 20 minutes.

I would like to add a little bit of bike skill practice (manual + balance) to the "bus days". And I want to organize my weekends similarly to the bus days. So, to summarize, this should by my schedule for every week:

3 x bike ride - 60 minutes (forward commute) + 40 minutes (return commute) per day

4 x exercise - 15 to 30 minutes per non-biking day

4 x bike skill practice on non-bike days

Plus I want to do a 100k ride during the 09.07 - 15.07 week (so there will be a bit more hours of biking that week).


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