Hybrid Hardtail to Cyclocross/Gravel Drop Bars Convertion

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Hi All,

I recently bought a pre-loved (used) Merida Crossway 900 2014 Model (see link below). I have enjoyed a couple of rides on it, and want to turn it into a Cyclocross/Gravel Hardtail bike. It is very ideal in my opinion and will save me some cash instead of buying an actual Cyclocross/Gravel if the project goes well as I hope.

To Note:

  • Bike is a 46 cm
  • I am 5'4"
  • 17 cm hand length (bottom of palm to longest finger)
  • 9 cm palms width (across middle of my palm)


  1. To have drop bars so I can several options when riding on different terrains (aerodynamic, upright on the bars, and on the hoods) an retain control on climbs and descents.
  2. Retain my 3 x 10
  3. Retain the Hydraulic disc braking system without replacing the brake callipers.


  1. Which drop bars would best achieve the aims of this project? 
  2. Which dual shifters would best suit this project? (Note, they have to be Hydraulic without replacing existing callipers)

Maybe Danny can even do a show on this type of conversion.

Thanks  guys, look forward to great ideas.


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 For extraordinary bike, extraordinary shifters.. Maybe gevenalle shifters? There should be opinion that is compatible with mountain bike derailleurs and brake calipers. About handlebar, I don't know at all. It's all personal preference I think.. I did not like the drop handlebar on my merida cyclocross, because it was difficult to reach to brake levers from drops. So I replaced it with a more classic curve handlebar.. ritchey evo max comp. Now I can brake when on drops. But I get little bit tingling on hands on longer rides.. 3 hours and above.. when mostly on drops.
That's all I know.. Sorry that I'm not much help.. While it seems very fun project to do. :)

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