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any idea how to add a front derailleur on this?

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got this bike about a month ago, i really do like it regardless of the cheap parts, everything is standard and the frame is built to hold the controller and battery internally, and it has lots of space inside that will fit a pretty big upgrade in the future (i'm gonna go for 500w and rebuild the battery that it came with using 3 more cells, but if you ditch the battery case you could fit a HUGE battery in the uptube, and the controller section could easilly fit a 1000w 48v controller) as far as the electronics go, but my biggest issue is the gearing. i would love to just go to a 1x10 on this bike but i find it really unlikely that i would manage to fit a freehub on it and the rear triangle is aluminum, so i want to go with a bigger chainring. but i have also been toying with the idea of going 2x7 or 3x7 if i could only figure out a decent way to put a front derailleur on. 

anyone have any ideas for fitting a front derailleur on this frame?

oh, and i've thought about putting it on the rear triangle, but i don't know if it would work so well because the triangle moves separate from the chainring. wouldn't that be an issue?


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