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considering road bike


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Hi Dany, greetings from Slovakia,

so I had my HT Merida, more than 10 yers old, weight more than 15kg. I started to ride more last year(2500km) and decided to switch to a FS and a road bike. I already have a FS, call it a dream bike for me, a YT Jeffsy. Now I am considering a road bike.


or https://www.scott-sports.com/gb/en/product/scott-speedster-20-disc-bike?article=265362024

from a local shop. I'm not that good with servicing my bike, so this would be great to have all the maintanance from the shop. Also it would be my first road bike, so I could test ride it and get the rigt size for me, no wories about the waranty if needed.

But for the money there could be more, as always, so I'm thinking this http://www.wiggle.co.uk/gt-grade-carbon-105-2017-adventure-road-bike/

1600EUR is the same price as the Speedster 10 and has the same groupset but this is a carbon frame, fork and seat post. I thing I would benefil from the comfort of carbon. My weight is about 110kg. The negatives for this bike are that I can only guess the size and to maintain it by my self(maybe the local store would do that anyway).

I know, I'm writing about road bikes and posting gravel bikes :)  but the comfort of riding is a huge deal for me. I'm also considering this one as a real road bike http://www.wiggle.co.uk/vitus-zenium-sl-disc-105-2017-road-bike/

Please let me know your opinion and I mean Dany or anyone else who has something to say.

Thanks a lot,



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10 hours ago, PeterSK said:

My weight is about 110kg

All of the bikes should be good enough. The tiny carbon rear triangle sometimes cracks under heavier riders, but it is less and less so with the new bikes.

SCOTT SPEEDSTER 10 DISC BIKE - good quality frame with just a bit "better" components than the Speedster 20 and you might not even notice a difference.

SCOTT SPEEDSTER 20 DISC BIKE - 10 speed, instead of 11 s on Speedster 10, which is still more than enough. Same frame and a full carbon fork (steerer too). If I was to choose between Speedster 10 and 20, I would go for the 20 + I'd upgrade it with a strong carbon seatpost.

GT Grade Carbon (105 - 2017) Adventure Road Bike - seems to be a good value for the money. You can check out the geometry and compare it to the bikes you can test. I'm not sure you will feel that much difference in compliance between this carbon bike and the alloy Scott. The difference might be marginal and difficult to see especially on bikes with 32c tires. GT also has the through axle in the front, Scott has none. The through axle can be a good thing with the disc brakes for you.

Vitus Zenium SL Disc (105 - 2017) Road Bike - also very good value for the money. The reason I would not choose this one for you are the 25c tires. The other three bikes have 32c and this is something you will feel on the road. You could probably upgrade the tires and be fine with a 1000€ bike.


My choice: Scott Spedster 20 + carbon seatpost or GT Grade Carbon.

If you choose to buy in Wiggle, you can use my affiliate link (but you don't have to :) ): http://tidd.ly/75fb550e

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Thank you for your notes. Great thinking with upgrading the Speedster 20 with a carbon seat post. It will probably take days/weeks for me to decide :)  But I sure will use your affiliate if buing from Wiggle. Thanks a lot!


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