[Wyczerpany] Braking Issue with my Cube Attain SL Disc 2017

David Schauss

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David Schauss

Hello Danny,

As I already announced yesterday in your Livestream, here are some further informations about my braking Problem with my road bike.



I bought the Cube in the end of the last Year. As it was delivered, I only had to Mount the handlebar, by checking the other parts in General to be sure, I will soon be able to make the first ride with it. So far, so good. 

By mounting the handlebar I noticed that I had to set it a Little bit higher as standardwise. For that, I had to completely dismount the front Disc brake (without the Disc) because the cable, which is routed internally to the handlebar is too short to make it possible, that I can raise the bar. 

But the Problem here is, that I'm since then recognizing a more or less intensive Vibration during a braking process with the front- discbrake (and only with this- the back one is totally fine).

As you said that you'll answer some General questions I decided to mention my Problem as a comment in the section. During the stream, there were some Germans who were able to give me some tips in order to that.

Heres a conclusion:

1) Because I did'nt use a torque wrench to install the Headset by getting those screws off,


it's possible, that the space between the Frame components is bigger than it should be:


Actually this is a Statement, that I think could actually be the reason for those annoying vibrations. Maybe the parts arent correct fitted after being reinstalled (because I had to dismount the front brake, etc.) 

2) The bike is pretty factory-new, I should rub the Surface of the resin pads, because they could be really sharp. By rotating the Disc in combination with a braking process, the flat Surface can cause the Vibration. But honestly: I dont think that this is the reason for it. 

Here are some Pictures of the pads:



As you can see, they seem to be unaturally worn, arent they? I dont know why, but if you look at the first Picture of those pads, you can see, that only a short part of the pads are worn - not the whole. They look, as if a sharp part flew away during a ride. That's confusing me too.

3) Maybe there is some oil on the Disc, which is causing those vibrations. I proofed that today. And no, there is'nt:


(I guess you actually cant see if theres oil or not, but I decided to simply upload a Picture of the brake itself))


Well, that's it with my suppositions and tips from yesterday. I hope, you'll be able to give me some further. This Problem makes the braking itself really uncomfortable. By the way: There are no unusual sounds during the braking - it's only the Vibration, which is influencing the whole driving experience and stability. 

Thanks in advance for analysing my Issue and giving me the Chance to post it right here in this Forum. 

I really appreciate your great work on Youtube and I'm looking forward to new Projects and Content in the future!;-)

Greetings from Germany.

Best wishes.

David Schauß

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Servus David, here are all my thoughts on this:

16 hours ago, David Schauss said:

1) Because I did'nt use a torque wrench to install the Headset by getting those screws off

The 2 screws, that mount the stem to the steerer of the fork don't put any pressure on the headset. Watch this part of my video carefully:

So one of the reasons for the vibrations might be to low preload with the upper bolt, which causes a play in the headset bearings.

16 hours ago, David Schauss said:

only a short part of the pads are worn - not the whole

New braking pads need some rides in order to adjust to the rotors but since you have reinstalled the caliper, make sure the pads are parallel to the rotor (you can use a credit cards for that or see my method):

The pads being new and not parallel to the rotor can definitely create the vibration, so if you solve this problem and check the headset, all should be good. Let us know!

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SickBiker is that second video really the one you meant to post? It appears to me as something about brake cable length and v-brakes..

David Schauss. Your brakes worked before, but started vibrating after the brake caliper being removed and reinstalled? I too suspect, the brake caliper is not being parallelThough that would usually make some some sound too..  Because then the pads are catching and get released when go over the "spokes" or wider parts of rotors.. 
When you squeeze the brakes on dual piston disc brake, then the rotor should not bend in any way to any direction, or move. If it moves then the pads are not parallel or not centered. Well I'm not really familiar with hydraulic brakes though.. Also in some rare cases the brake post mounting points on frame, or fork can be not faced properly parallel to wheel axle, and then it's not possible to get the caliper right.. in such case an expensive tool(pointless to buy for home user) is used to face it, or if the vibration is not that horrible, just wear the pads until they stop vibrating.

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12 hours ago, Hardi said:

second video

If it doesn't open in the right moment, find in the description on that video a link to disc brakes - I show there, how to install the calipers.

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David Schauss

Hello guys,

as you said there could be less preload as needed, I checked the upper bolt of the stem and adjusted it exactly as declarated on the top. Of Course with a torque wrench.;-)

Just to be sure, I sanded carefully the pads of the brake additionally till there was a more or less perfect Transition (so no sharp parts, which could cause Minimum issues in driving Performance) on the Surface. The Position of the pads was good, so pretty central and paralllel to the Disc.

Those two steps worked perfectly fine. I'm just coming from a ride shortly after the Actions and there were no further vibrations while braking recognizable.

Thanks to you guys!

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