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Sram GX Eagle groupset review.


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Sram GX Eagle - 12 speed, 1x drivetrain

Eagle Technology from Sram means 1-by optimized MTB components with 12 speed cassette. The system is already available for XX1, X01 and GX groupset. Great news is, that we can get the GX Eagle complete drivetrain for less than 450€ or 550$.


Sram GX Eagle cassette


The weight of 446 grams confirms the data from sram.com website (450 g). 12 speed and 500% gearing range will let you climb pretty much anywhere, as it starts with 10 teeth up to the 50 teeth! I use it with the 32T chainring in the front and I rarely use the lowest gear. I would actually hope to get some more options of the Eagle cassettes, like 10-42T... So far it goes like this: 10t, 12t, 14t, 16t, 18t, 21t, 24t, 28t, 32t, 36t, 42t, 50t.


The design of this cassette is extremely gossamer - looking at it you'll see more air, than steel. That means a superb mud clearance. The cogs look very similar to those of the XX1 cassette, but on GX these are all held together with pins. Remember that this cassette requires an xD freehub, because of this tiny 10 teeth sprocket.


Sram GX Eagle rear derailleur


This is the rear and only derailleur ;) It looks awesome and gets all the technologies of the XX1 Eagle, except for the materials, which don't include any carbon and titanium here. Same narrow-wide pattern of the jockey wheels, same cable guide wheel and same, metallic sound during a gear change (the owners know what I mean).


The spring are strong and keep the mech in place on the rough terrain. The TYPE 3 Roller Bearing Clutch - same as on XX1 - works pretty smooth, without affecting the shifting performance. Some of my viewers complain about one place on the cassette, where the shifting isn't as crisp, as on the other gears. Have I found it? Well, I think I did and it might be the 4th or 5th sprocket, while shifting up - from the lower to the higher gear. Could you confirm that on your Eagle?

The Cage Lock makes removing and installing the rear wheel very easy and the weight of 291 grams is again what Sram claim (290 g).


Sram GX Eagle crankset


No hollow arm design and no carbon. Otherwise once again all EAGLE features. The chainring doesn't simpy have a narrow - wide design, it's got very advanced shaping, which makes the chain work smoother and there is less risk of a chain drop in the mud. I like it a lot.


There is an option of 30T, 32T and 34T chainring. The cranks get be fitted to the following systems: BB30/PF30-68/73mm, GXP 100mm/PF GXP 121mm, GXP/PF GXP 68/73mm.


Sram GX Eagle shifter


Very similar to that from XX1 groupset. Crisp, easy and with the Matchmaker X clamp will give you nice options of positioning on the handlebars. I do prefer the Shimano shifters thanks to their Multiple shifting (down the cassette) and Instant Release system. The Sram shifters lack these systems, but the shifting is very good.

Sram GX Eagle chain and bottom bracket.


The Flow Link system means, that the inner plates of the chain don't have square edges, which improves the engagement in the chainrings and is quieter. The bottom bracket got the Gutter Seal Technology and we'll se how well it seals the bearing after some thousands of kilometers this season.

P1120426.JPG P1120430.JPG P1120456.JPG P1120459.JPGP1120460.JPG P1120463.JPG


Here is the video comparison between Sram GX Eagle and XX1 Eagle:


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Hi !

I have the gx eagle groupset in my fatbike that i built from frameset(White 3fat  interceptor).

i have ridden it now for couple of weeks and have a problem with the shift lever ergonomics.

Since all the shifting is done with the right hand thumb,mine gets pretty sore after 2hrs ride.

I have tried adjusting the position of the shift lever,but it has not helped me at all. I have used Shimano rapidfire plus shift levers without similar problem.

Do you have any suggestions about the positioning of the shift lever or maybe buying the new gx eagle gripshift lever is the only solution ?

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On 20.01.2018 at 7:50 PM, Sammy said:

adjusting the position

I also feel, that Sram MTB trigger shifters aren't as ergonomic as Shimano rapidfires. For me the downshifting lever is to close and the upshifting to far. If putting the upshifting lever closer doesn't help, the twisters might help, and these are my favorite shifters.

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