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ROSE WInter Cycling Clothing Test.


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I just finished testing the jacket, the bib tights, the gloves and the glasses. This is, how it went...

ROSE Wind Fibre cycling jacket - 69,95€

2029276_2.kffwfkoeg9.jpgkurtka rose.jpg

The job of this jacket is to protect the rider from the wind and a small rain / shower. 



The jacket was tested during a cold cyclocross race day (temperature about -2° Celsius). The fabric is light and it protects well against the wind, but standing behind the camera after the race made me understand, that I'm gonna stay warm only while riding. This is not a heavyweight jacket. As for its green colour,  I would say, it looks more like on my pictures, than the ones on ROSE website. It is the "fluo" green. The fit of the jacket is NOT slim, so a bit heavier riders will feel comfortable in it. It fits the price of the jacket. I'm 182 cm tall and with my weight of 75 kg I felt a bit to "small" for the jacket, but it was still OK.



Why so view cycling jerseys and jackets have the zippers for the pockets... This one has! Two large pockets on the back and one on the arm. ALL with the zippers. Very well done! A large smartphone and winter gloves go to the back and some credit card or keys to the front pocket. Great.



The sleeves have additional wind protection, which work well for higher speed on the bike. The reflective elements and a drawstring on the waist are well thought out too. The bright colour will get dirty pretty easily, but wouldn't exchange those with a boring, all black clothing. I do recommend this winter jacket for cycling enthusiasts, who ride regularly in temperatures close to 0° Celsius.


Bib Tights ROSE Design III Thermal - 64,95€


These are also pretty well designed. The ankle zippers help with putting those on and the additional front zipper might be handy, if you need to go to the toilet AFTER you put everything on (I always do it ;) ). With my height of 182 cm, the legs of the tights felt pretty long. Not to long, but once more - these aren't made for a skinny pro riders. They have 2 layers of the material - the inner one for moisture absorption and the outer one for moisture wicking.  I do recommend these bib tights for cycling enthusiasts, who ride regularly in temperatures close to 0° Celsius.


ROSE Cycle Winter Gloves - 39,95€


The gloves are made for a real cold. They are very warm and comfortable. The only feature, which I didn't like at all was the touch area for operating the smartphone or a navigation. It's not well placed on the finger and at its best will only let you unlock the screen, but nothing more. I recommend the gloves for a winter rides, IF you don't plan to use a navigation or smartphone.


Eye wear ROSE PS 09 Photochromic - 59,95€


These aren't the typical winter glasses, but the PHOTOCHROMIC feature may be very useful during this time of the year, when we look at the bright snow in the sun and then we hit the dark trails in the forests. The self-tinting lenses react very quickly to the change of a light intensity, by transforming from clear to grey and vice versa. The only issue I had with the glasses was that the lenses did not protect my eyes against the wind at high speed on the bike. Then I realized, that these are made for woman and kids.... I do recommend these glasses in changing light, but the fit is designed for women and children.




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