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For Beginners. What Is A Bicycle Groupset?


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What is a groupset?

A bicycle groupset is a SET of parts, which are GROUPED for:

  • the riders with a specific budget,

  • specific riding style.

It means, that we can buy e.g. a road bike groupset for 400$, or downhill mountain bike groupset for 800$. Your decision will be then based on your budget and needs.


What a bicycle groupset contains?

A groupset most often consists of: crankset (or chainset), cassette or freewheel (rear sprockets), chain, rear derailleur, front derailleur, shifters (shifting levers), brakes (braking levers + calipers), sometimes also wheels and pedals. As you can see, it is not a complete set of components yet...


What is not included in a groupset?


To make it clear for the beginners, the groupset does not contain: the frame, the fork, the handlebars, the stem, the headset, the saddle, the seatpost, the tires and sometimes the pedals as well. These must be purchased separately, though some brands would also group them, based on price and an intended use.


Groupset examples.


Shimano Sora R3000 – the group of components designed for an entry level road bike. The price of the groupset itself is 380$. It contains the crankset, the cassette, the chain, the derailleurs, the shifters and the brakes.



Sram GX Eagle – the groupset for a Cross Country or Trail mountain bike. The groupset's price is 550$ and it consists of: the crankset, the cassette, the chain, the read derailleur, the shifter (no brakes included).


super record.jpg

Campagnolo Super Record: a professional racing bike groupset. It will cost you 2340$ and you'll get the same amount of components as with the above-mentioned, but these will be made of super light and expensive materials: aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium.


What groupset will fit my frame / bike?

The fact, that there exists a groupset for each TYPE of the bike, doesn't simply mean that you can e.g. buy ANY Shimano Sora R3000 set for your road bike, or ANY Sram GX components for your mountain bike. There is a lot of standards and versions of bike parts, which will enable you to build a perfect machine for yourself. I'm gonna cover that topic in the next, simple as possible article :)

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