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What Bike Stand To Choose For Your Workshop?


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Welcome on my blog!


Today I'm gonna share with you my experience with bike stands. If you watch my videos on YouTube, you may know, that a couple of weeks ago I got some cool "toys" from Topeak (here's the vlog about it). I thought that the type of the bike stand wouldn't affect my bike projects, but I couldn't be further form the truth...

Two types of bike stands I got...

So far I've been using workstands, which have the clamp for the seatpost and so the bike will hang on them. Topeak have sent me though the other type, which supports the bike by the bottom bracket area and it makes a lot of difference in maintaining the bicycle. Here is the comparison:


This is Topeak Prepstand Max. It supports the frame by the BB area.


Both workstands have three legs, but the Prepstand Max is lighter and less stable.


You won't be able to clean a whole frame here.


Adjusting the gears isn't very accurate, because the cables are under tension here.


If you want to replace the cables routed internally, there is no access to their ports...


The hook for the front wheel keeps it in place.


This system allows for more maintaining procedures.


You can clean the whole frame.


You can replace the internal cables.

Cons and pros for both worksands:

  1. Prepstand Max is lighter and has the front wheel hook. It won't let you clean the whole bike, replace the internal cables and adjust gears.
  2. Prepstand Elite is heavier, so less mobile, but more stable. It allows for most of the procedures in bike maintenance.
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