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Travelling By Plane - Beginner's Guide. My Trip To Iceland - Part 1.


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Booking  your flight for the first time? It's gonna be a thrilling experience, but don't worry, being aware of just a view things in advance can reduce the stress a lot. Here's my experience with travelling by plane...

1. Flying anxiety is an absolutely natural thing!

Perhaps it doesn't sound very helpful to you, but believe me, knowing that most people who fly for the first time experience a lot of stress can be of great relief. I talk about it in my vlog, just after I landed in Iceland. I've noticed, that many people freak out not because of the flight itself, but rather because of assuming they are the only ones, who experience such an intensive stress. And that's just not true. No one feels perfectly comfortable looking forward to their first flight. Do you feel better now? :)

2. Your ticket includes helpful info - read it through.

It's all there: your flight number, departure time, gate (can ba changed!), destination and seat number.

3. Step by step. It's easy!

Here are two things you need to find at the airport (besides the toilet;) ): the terminal and then the gate.

On such screen you'll find your flight number and the terminal you need to go to. That's the first step.

4. Check-in.

I get my ticket there and my the check-in bag will be taken.

Once you've found the terminal and the departures, you need to check-in by the right desk. You will see the logo of your flight company and once more - the number of your flight. Your luggage will be taken and the handbag will usually be marked. You will also get the ticket and all info about what's next.

And it's time for some security control...

5. Travelling with bikes and bulky items.


This bike WAS NOT well prepared for the flight...

At the desk you'll be provided with info on where the bulky item will be checked in. If you travel with the bicycle, then I highly recommend, that you put it into the box. The best way of doing it is to remove the wheels and secure the bike VERY well, as the box will probably be thrown. Here's my video tutorial on how to do it. Be aware also, that a bicycle with 29" wheels may not fit into the X-Ray machine at the airport, which can cause an issue ( I had it...).

6. Cooperate with the security services!

You know the world after 2012... We actually NEED more security, so don't get irritated by how many things you have to do. Empty your pockets, remove all electronic devices from your handbag and follow all the instructions shown and the screens, when approaching the security area. Smile if it feels natural to you and don't swear assuming, that no one understands your language... All this will reduce the amount of stress for you and other passengers.

7. Waiting for the flight.

Once you go through the security, proving to be clear;), you can find the number of your gate and relax. But don't relax too much in the so called "duty free" area, as the prices there are usually very high. Be careful also to follow the info on the screens, as the number of your gate may change.


Have your ticket and passport at hand, as you'll be asked to show it to the staff while boarding.

8. In the plane.

Now you're in! Some people actually enjoy flying, other seem never to get used to it. If this is your first flight, having some medicine, that will help you to calm down and perhaps to fall asleep can be a good idea, but don't use anything you haven't tried before, as it may cause some issues, like a stomach problem.

In case of the turbulence, don't look at the wings, as they will rattle as hell. It is all 100% natural and the plane will survive, but you nerves may not. Besides that some nice music or conversation with a fellow passengers may help you enjoy the trip. Think also about all the benefits you'll rip from this trip when arriving to the destination. That's what I'm enjoying right now in Iceland :)

All the stress was worth it!


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