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Your Bikes On SickBiker YouTube Channel!


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Thanks so much for being with me!

Having your bikes reviewed on my YouTube channel is a great opportunity for all of us, to see how our bikes REALLY perform. Why do we like them? What doesn't work? What's awesome about them?


I look forward to see your bike too and so are our fellow cyclists! :)

You DON'T NEED to know how to edit the video, just grasp your camera or smartphone and follow these guidelines:

  • length 5-15 minutes (it doesn’t have to be recorded in one piece, because I do the editing),
  • it is always nice to know your name, though you don't have to film yourself if you don't want to,
  • resolution Full HD or 4K with 25, 30, 50 or 60 frames per second,
  • make sure you have good lighting,
  • speak close to the camera or smartphone – it is important, that we can hear you well,
  • no background music please,
  • try to make stable video and make sure we will see all the details you talk about,
  • upload your files to dropbox or google drive and let me download it :)

What should be included in the video?

Basically ANYTHING you would be interested in watching yourself. What is the brand and model of your bike? What year and mileage? How tall are you and why does this frame size fit you? What works well and what parts needed to be replaced? All things like that…

When sending me the download link, please enclose the information that you give the SickBiker channel’s owner the rights to edit and publish your content and that you’re not being paid by anyone to share either positive or negative feedback about the bicycle. My e-mail address is: sickbikerdany@gmail.com

When I get your files, I will contact you regarding the publishing time or some additional questions.

with kind regards,

Daniel Dziemieszonek


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