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I Was Maxed Out! My Last MTB Race...

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My come back to MTB races in on :)


Last race: 17th of April 2017,

riders: 331,

my distance (21 km): 219 riders,

my result: 8th in my category, 25th Open.

My strategy for the race.

Lately I've been filming all my races, often starting from the back of the pack and getting stuck so much on singletracks. This time I decided to position myself in the front right from the start and go hard from the beginning:


Great! I avoided getting stuck behind those slower riders, but I had to pay for the high pace later on...

I was able to overtake quite a view riders only at the first minute into the race. After that I would be faster only on the descents:


After just a couple of minutes it became clear, who was able to keep up with the front group. It wasn't me though.

The top 20 was beyond my capabilities, but I would still catch some riders on the technical sections:


My F-SI catches...


...and passes others ;)


The turns on the unknown tracks can be tricky!


This one was...


Being faster on the descents motivates you...


...and crushes others will to fight.


My Lefty gives so much confidence on this muddy downhill.


Yet another rider in troubles.


I enjoyed it so much :)


Surprisingly faster in the corners.


Go SickBiker, go!


"Coming from the left!"


And overtaking...

The climbs were technical too:


Dancing all over the muddy track...


...and losing position.

The steep climbs, which are usually my favorite parts, were killing me here. The guys around me were stronger:


Hoping, that others will start walking...


...hurray! I wanted to walk for a while...

Last meters before the technical sections I have one more rider to catch:


The rider in the front was stronger physically, than me, but I was able to overtake him on the last drop, just before the finish line.

What should I improve:

  • muscle strength - I didn't really run out of gears, but of power,
  • core strength - a back pain shows clearly, my core muscles were tired on the climbs,
  • FTP - a stable, but high pace of the top riders was way to much for me.

The race was hard, but enjoyable! Thanks to all the riders for a beautiful fight and I'll see you soon, even stronger ;)

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