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Specialized Allez 2017 Road Bikes Range. What Model To Choose?


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Specialized Allez are the advanced road bikes build around the aluminum frame. Are they still worth considering, when your buddies train and race on carbon bikes exclusively? Sure they are! These are fully capable of competing against any carbon bikes and I will explain that in the next article.

Specialized Allez 2017 Road Bikes Range.

There are basically six models of Allez race bikes plus one made for younger riders (Allez Jr.). The six adult bikes are based on two chassis:

Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum frame + FACT carbon fork

  • Allez E5 - Shimano Claris / Sunrace 8 speed drivetrain (750$)
  • Allez E5 Sport - Shimano Sora / Sunrace 9 speed drivetrain (980$)
  • Allez E5 Comp - Shimano Tiagra 10 speed drivetrain (1150$).


Specialized Allez E5, price 750$


Specialized Allez E5 Sport, price 980$


Specialized Allez E5 Elite, price 1150$

Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum w/D'Aluisio Smartweld Sprint Technology + S-Works FACT full carbon fork

  • Allez DSW SL Sprint Elite - Shimano Tiagra 10 speed drivetrain (1450$)
  • Allez DSW SL Sprint Comp - Shimano 105 11 speed drivetrain (1700$)
  • Allez DSW SL Sprint Expert - Shimano 105 / Ultegra 11 speed drivetrain (2000$)


Allez DSW SL Sprint Elite, price 1450$


Allez DSW SL Sprint Comp, price 1700$


Allez DSW SL Sprint Expert, price 2000$

Main differences between the Allez E5 and Allez DSW SL models:

  • Allez DSW SL use an advanced D'Aluisio Smartweld technology, which moves welds away from the stress area (the head tube and bottom bracket area are hydroformed)
  • Allez DSW SL have lighter forks with carbon blades AND steering tubes,
  • Allez DSW SL got the aero design, which can be faster at high speeds, but less comfortable,
  • Allez E5 have more comfortable geometry, with the stack being higher and reach being shorter,
  • Allez E5 have fully external cables, which maybe don't look as clean as the internal ones, but are often easier in maintenance, especially for beginners,
  • Allez E5 have the non - aero seatpost, which is more compliant, than the water drop-shaped one.


E5 - external cable routing and the tubes welded directly to the head tube.


DSW - internal cables and one, hydroformed unit with welds further away from the head tube.


E5 - the bottom bracket with traditional welds.


DSW - large, hydroformed unit made in the same manner, as the head tube area.


E5 - traditional seat tube and seatpost shape is a bit less aerodynamic, but far more comfortable.


DSW - more aero = less compliant.

Which alloy Specialized to buy then?

The Specialized Allez DSW is definitely more advanced and has aggressive geometry. This is why it's often the choice of those competition oriented riders. But just remember, that having aero shapes means less comfort and sometimes also less lateral stiffness in the top tube - seat tube joint.

If you want to choose the Allez DSW and don't want to give up on 11 speed drivetrain, then the Allez DSW SL Sprint Comp would be a good option. In case of going for a budget road bike - the Specialized Allez E5 Sport with 9 speed Sora drivetrain could be the sweet spot, though I don't see in it upgrades worth exactly 230$, comparing to the basic Allez E5.

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