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Do Full Suspension Bikes Suck On Uphills?


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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes have been used for many years by amateur riders on the trails, but hardtails seemed to be unbeatable in Cross Country races, period... The reason? Heavier weight and low pedalling efficiency.

You may remember my review of Kona Hei Hei in Nove Mesto Czech Republic, in which I showed you, that a fully can not only help us on the descents, but also on those technical climbs. Here are my final thoughts about Full Suspension bikes after testing the newest designs of 2017...

Disadvantages of Full Suspension bikes:

  • lower pedalling efficiency, than on hardtails due to pedal bob, especially off the saddle,
  • lower lateral stiffness comparing to hardtail frame of a similar weight,
  • higher price / weight of the bike (fully will be approximately 1 kg heavier).


8,8 kg, 6500$, 1x12 drivetrain, Canyon Exceed hardtail.


10,1 kg, 6475$, 2x11 drivetrain, Canyon Lux

Advantages of Fullys:

  • better riding comfort = staying longer in the saddle = saving energy on bumpy roads,
  • correctly set rear suspension actually HELPS on technical climbs,
  • higher speed on descents and technical sections,
  • more rigidity if you go often through drops (carbon hardtails are easier to crack).


Learn to pedal smoother and make your fully happy...


Stones and roots make hardtail owners suffer more.


Alloy Kona Hei Hei isn't very light, but those uphills were fun!

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