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4 Features To Peek At Your Rivals Garmin Edge Cycling Computer...


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Garmin Edge 520 and other advanced cycling computers monitor, save and analyse tons of training data. To make our life easier, some of the fitness gauging parameters can be displayed  right on your device.

Let's have fun! Pretend on your next group ride, that  you're just checking out other guys great carbon cockpit and take a peek at the following parameters... Believe me - you'll learn A LOT about your riding buddies ;)


Garmin Edge looks instantly at the performance of its owner and tries at least to estimate his / her abilities. One of those is the VO2max. If you know what is the VO2max of your rival, you're gonna be able to predict your chances in the escape with him. Is he going to drop you with a huge acceleration? If your ability to provide the oxygen to your body cells is much lower, than that of your friend, do not wait with your attacks to the finish line!


It so exciting ;) Go to the stats on your friends computer...


Find the VO2max parameter.


Is your VO2max higher than 60? Attack him explosively!

FTP - Functional Threshold Power.

This parameter won't be estimated, but calculated exactly, if there is some source of power data connected to the Garmin. How can this one be a great source of knowledge about your competitors on that Sunday group ride? Unlike the VO2max, the FTP reflects cycling endurance - the ability to ride long without producing the amount of lactate acid, which the body couldn't handle with on-the-fly. So if you have the VO2max lower than your rivals, but your FTP is higher, make them suffer early in the race with a strong pace and don't wait til the finish line ;)


Let's see how strong is his / her endurance...


On a hilly terrain the Watts per Kilo parameter will be even more helpful.

Personal records.

This is also the interesting one... Here you'll see all the data, that was being recorded over the period of months. What are the training habits of that rider? Is he often doing long, endurance rides? Does he climb a lot? How good is he in pacing?


You're about to learn about somebody's riding habits...


Endurance rides? Lots of climbing? Decent pacing?

It's obviously not only the Garmin Edge 520, that provides all these helpful information. But seriously, checking these parameters and talking about them with your friends can bring a lot of knowledge to your training, which will let you plan your rides according to the routes and people you're gonna be racing with. Good luck!

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