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10 Essential Tools Each Biker Should Have...


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You can have a great time fixing and adjusting the bike in your garage... I love it myself :) You can also save a lot of money by maintaining your machine on your own. Below is a list of the 10 basic tools you should get and some additional ones too (starting with the most important ones). Great variety of tools in best prices can be found HERE.


1. The multitool can really help in case of emergency on the trails. Some use it as a substitute to some workshop tool, but I don't recommend this.


2. Yes, you need at least a mini pump. Many cycling enthusiast still borrow it from their neighbors. It takes a long time to inflate a 29'er, but it does the job.


3. These are tire levers. Using a screw driver for removing the tire is a bad idea - it can damage the rim, the tube and the tire.


4. Find out what wrench will fot your hubs and buy it.


5. A set of allen keys is a MUST.


6. Great tool for replacing the chain and fixing a snapped one.


7. Check our the nipples on your wheels and buy the tool, that will fit them. On the upper right side - aero spokes holder.


8. Chain whip and the cassette removal tool. You will need a different one for a freewheel.


9. On the top - BSA standard bottom bracket tool. At the bottom - squared tapered / Octalink.


10. Torx set - the T25 is used for 6 bolt disc rotors.


11. If you own a suspension with air spring, another pump is needed. It will let you set the SAG.


12. A Mallet with a plastic head helps with those stuck parts...


13. You need a removal tool, if you have the old type squared tapered or Octalink cranks.


14. Pliers are always helpful. The sharp one can also substitute for a special cable cutters.

We could also add to this list a chain wear indicator, which will help avoiding an excessive drivetrain wear. More advance bikers could also think about getting a wheel truing stand or some tools, which help with the forks seals replacement or Press Fit bottom bracket installation. Have fun!


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