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New Bike, Custom Bike Or Used Bike - What To Choose?


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Here are the FOUR STRATEGIES you can choose from when thinking about getting a bicycle:

  1. New bike:  quickest, easiest approach, little or no option for customization, expensive,
  2. Custom, new bike: takes more time, requires a bit of a knowledge about the components, full customization, could be the most expensive strategy,
  3. Used bike: possible risk of hidden issues, little or no chance for customization, possible need for replacing some parts, this might be the cheapest strategy,
  4. Used, custom bike: collecting all the used parts individually is the most time consuming method, full customization, a lot of fun with the tools in your garage, cheap (unless you start coming up with new ideas for your cool project).

Videos with some of my inexpensive road and mountain bikes projects HERE.


500$ Principia on Campagnolo components. Very light bike. Beauty!


Used, custom bike might have some cosmetic damages.


Tea, good music and lots of parts - great fun!


350$ Trek roadie on Sora.


350$ old school MTB!


Painting your bike can be very time consuming.


I liked the paint stripper...

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