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Why are Electric Scooters and Motorcycles Getting Popular

Pramod Kumar

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Pramod Kumar

It doesn’t matter, if you are a vehicle enthusiast or not, you will surely be aware of the fact that, slowly but surely, we are entering into the age of electric vehicles. Seeing electric scooters and motorcycles on the road is becoming a common sight these days. There are electric cars on the road too, but e-scooters and motorcycles outnumber cars easily.  In this blog, we will read about some of the reasons why e-scooters and motorcycles are getting more popular among the people. 

OEMs Seeing Huge Potential
One of the main reasons why e-scooters and motorcycles are taking giant steps toward popularity among common folks is the increasing focus of the OEMs toward the manufacturing of the electric vehicles.  
This is because of the fact that, they see an enormous potential in the concept of electric vehicles, as they are very much safe for the environment.  It is because of the fact that they do not participate in any GHG emissions and resulting in vehicular air pollution, all over the world.

Subsidies and Grants by the Government
 With the increasing problem of air pollution globally, governments have started to dole out their support for the adoption of electric vehicles. This support is in the form of grants and subsidies, for the people who wish to choose electric vehicles over the conventional fuel-powered vehicles. 
 With these subsidies, people don’t have to pay the original cost of the electric scooter and motorcycle, but a lot less amount for purchasing the vehicle. In this way, they are in a way driven to choose an electric scooter or motorcycle.

Affordable for Most People
 It might come into the minds of some people, why electric scooters and motorcycles grab the attention of more people than the cars. The answer to this is a no-brainer. 
There is no doubt that cars are much more comfortable than a scooter or a bike but the fact of the matter is that, there is a lot of difference in the price of a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the Electric Scooter and Motorcycle Market: Challenges and Opportunities

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