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Mountain vs Road


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Hi All,
I am on the fence on purchasing a new bike and I can only choose one because of lack of $$.
In the last couple of years I have been saving up for another bike and was leaning towards getting a road bike. This would be my first road bike.
Currently my mountain bike front shock is not locking out and probably needs to be replaced. Since the price of a decent shock will cost the price of the value of the bike if not more, it would probably be better to just buy a new one.
That being said I am curious to know which way I should go?
Is it better to give road a try and begin saving for a new mountain bike, or continue to be curious and save for a road bike?
I know this is MTBR and the answer might be obvious, but I am sure many of you ride both and was hopping to hear from those who do ride both.

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Choosing between a road bike or mountain bike might not be easy. They each have their own special riding experience that is enjoyable in its own way. A few things I might consider are the types of trails or roads you'll be using most, your fitness goals, and what style of riding fits your personal preferences.

Road bikes excel on paved surfaces, offering a speedy ride suited for longer distances on flatter terrain. They help you travel far and fast. Mountain bikes, meanwhile, are up for rougher trails and terrain. They provide stability and maneuverability over more varied landscapes.

Perhaps reflect on where you see yourself riding most in the coming months or year. Will it be on pavement, or more natural surfaces? Road bikes prioritize speed, while mountain bikes focus on handling different conditions. Your fitness goals also matter - one may better suit helping you build endurance or strength.

At the end of the day, choosing the bike type that brings you greatest joy is key. The one you look forward to riding is more important than any other factor. Consider test rides if possible too, as personal feeling makes a difference. Factoring in your priorities should point you towards the best choice to expand your cycling adventures.

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