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Problem when disassembling Shimano ST-6700 / ST-6703 shifters


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First of all, thank you very much for your great videos on the ST-6700 shifters! Those gave me the confidence I could take apart my shifters, clean them, grease them and have like new shifters.


Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the step where the pin-screw is pushed out to get the shifting mechanism out of the handle. The pin / screw won't move one iota, on both shifters!

It looks quite easy in your videos, but no matter how hard I push (which is not maximal due to the position of the tip of the screw being not very accessible). I ended up using the end of the rubber-coated handle of some pliers in order to not damage the screw, have a little grip and being able to apply some force. But still, there is no movement - well other than to the sides / up/down, but not backwards.

I also applied some oil over night, but so far to no avail.


Any reason why the pin-screw wouldn't move backwards?

Any trick I could try to get the screw out unharmed?


Thank you!

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So, ok, I had to go back and disassemble the shifter for real this time as one of the springs broke...

Luckily, this time I realized why I couldn't get the pin-screw out last time: There is a little fixing screw that runs perpendicular to the pin-screw and ends directly on the side of the head of the pin-screw, to prevent it from getting loose when it's not supposed to do so. This screw is not mentioned in the video, so I didn't expected it to exist in the first place.

The screw is some sort of Allen key headless socket set screw / Allen grub screw (similar to the ones on the following picture), I think it was 1,5 mm.



It is in the same hole the screw for the little cover of the shifting mechanism goes in, too. So, it was doubly unexpected.

Once this screw is loosened, the pin-screw comes out as effortlessly as shown in the videos.


But now I know how to dis- and reassemble the shifters!


Thanks for the videos, they were a great and essential help!

ST-6700 fixing screw.jpg

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