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A food scale is a crucial investment


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Consider how much money people spend on weight loss programs and products. Supplements. etc. Yet they miss out on the one investment that will actually help you lose weight you can find for only $20-25 online. A food scale.

Some may say it's inconvenient, but is it really? It takes less than a few minutes total per day to use it. This is the same amount of time many overweight people will spend reading articles about nutrition/weight loss or other theorycrafting.

Example: Put a bowl on the food scale. Tare it. Check the box of the food you're eating to see the number of grams per serving. Pour it in until you hit the desired amount of grams. Done. Under 30 seconds.

This is very useful for calorically dense foods like cereal, oatmeal, rice, pasta, nuts, etc. These have a reputation for being fattening in excess, but are totally fine in moderation.

Like with many habits, we're deterred from doing them because it seems like they require a lot of steps. Yet once we practice it, we realize it's so simple. I'd be lying if I said I used this for every meal of every day, but I still use it frequently. Weighing food help you guesstimate better. This means, in situations, where you're unable to count calories or just feel like eyeballing it, you have a better understanding of what portion size you should be eating.

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