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Which road bike for 500?


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Looking at buying a entry level road bike,I know absolutely nothing about them and have never even ridden one, but I fancy trying one to get me out the house and out pedaling when time is limited, my motivation to get out on the MTB is at an all time low at the moment.
Can anyone recommend anything for about $500?,I have been trawling the reviews and the btwin triban 520 seems to be the most favoured by the journalists , but I’m keen to hear the opinions of real users.

Would the same money be better spent somewhere else?

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I’d take a look at this Trinx TEMPO1.0 under 500 budget but I’ve seen them offer discounts in the past. Great value for money as a no frills option. A lightweight bike with a fantastic, eye-catching design and alloy brakes, plus suspension.

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Cycling is a perfect long-ride option for people who are health conscious. They are a popular healthy option among millions who want to keep their bodies fit and healthy.However, you can find Top Road Bikes , which we think will not cost you thousands of dollars like other bikes.

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