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Ceramic pistons


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Hey guys,
Do you have any extra tips when handling with those extra fragile ceramic pistons in shimano brakes. I managed to shatter one piston in my mt520. It has 2 large and 2 smaller pistons in one caliper, and somehow I managed to break the smaller one. When it didn't want to retract back I immediately knew that I'm in for the fun. These things are it seems really fragile, I wasn't applying too much force and I was trying to be careful using plastic tire lever. However, lever is not the right tool I feel, since you cant apply even force on the piston and it will make the one side go in a little bit more and that's where the problem start; if piston is uneven and you try to retract it more, it will probably shatter inside. 
Anyways, I ordered new caliper since I figured that ordering new pistons is not worth it, lots of things can go wrong. 
So my question is, how do you guys manage to take care of these ceramic pistons, do you retract them while pads are still in or is there some useful tool that might do the job; for me the tire lever is not that good, its rather thick and I cant apply even force on the piston hence making it go unevenly..

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