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9x135QR freehub options ?


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i'm Ludo from France.

I really like the youtube channel so i'm coming to the forum :)

I recently buyed a MTB, cannondale trail 7(2021). I never touch a modern bike. The only bike i had before was a BMX and my father's motobecane C4 from 1980 :)

Here is the cannondale, 29", hydraulic brakes,



Here is my C4:


I have been really pleased so far with the MTB, especially hydraulic brakes, so nice, so progressive and plush. The bike feel solid and light. I was a little afraid by thoses giants 29 wheels at first but i began to appreciate them.

Overhaul nice for an "entry level" bike, expansive for entry i think but that's the market.

The only complains i have are the followings so far:

1 - This fork is so heavy ! (SR Suntour XCT) And the rebound is direct, so when i lift the front, there is an unplaisant clong sound each time. Very anoying, especially now that i try to practice bunny hops, manuals and wheelies. There is very few options since i have a straight 1 1/8 tube and 9x100QR wheel front.


2 - the freehub, it's engaging very late, i don't like this feeling, sometimes i want to push hard on the pedal and there is a delay before engaging.

So my question is, since my rear wheel is 9x135QR, is it a way to get a better freehub ? I have a shimano TX505-8 hub, can't find number of splines on the internet.

Can i change just the freehub for a better one ? or do i have to change the hub or the wheel ?

I began to look at DT swiss but don't seems to be available in 9x135QR






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some news since i get out yesterday with my bike.

I'm ~88kg, so i was thinking that the preload should be ok so i didn't touch it. But yesterday i tryed to set the sagging on it.

The fork was all the way up to the max setting and to get ~15-20mm of sag when on the bike i manage to put it all the way down !

The fork now is much better. Still have a sound on heavy lift but less.




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