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Which one to buy?


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Guys i'm new at bikes i want to ride daily. Most important thing for me is comfort like shift smoothness and fast shifts. I have 2 bikes in my mind one is altus rd-m370 with altus cs-hg 200-9 and ALTUS FD-M371 with ACERA FC-T3010 and the shift levers are ALTUS ST-EF505 9X3 this was bike A. The other one is full Deore T6000 30 speed set. Everything is Deore on this bike and this one was bike B. I am looking for a Trekking bike. What i want to know is i am not a really professional biker as i said would i notice the difference i don't want to spend unnecessarily but if there is any huge differences that i can notice in real life i can try to buy it. And if you can write real differences that i can notice i'll appreciate. I hope i did type clear to understand. My mother language is not english so if i wrote badly sorry. Thanks all for your help

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Altus vs Deore? Deore is the proper MTB groupset and it works really well in any condition. If you're on a very limited budget and you're going to commute on that trekking bike and maybe do some bike trips, the Altus will do. Clean cables bring more to the topis of shifting, than the groupset.

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