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Play in SystemSix 2020 Knot headset


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Hi SickBiker (and fans!)

I own a Systemsix HM 2020 that I build from scratch and it was my first build experience, so I'm not an expert but have experience with bike servicing (and watching SickBiker !)

I already did maintenance on headsets and stems on different bikes and always managed to get it right (no play !)


With the systemsix, I'm not able to remove a very little play/wobble on the headset. It does not move a lot but I can hear it when I apply pressure on the fork.

When I brake the front wheel, push down very hard on the stem, I'm able to almost fix the issue. My guess it is not tighten enough but I follow the torque of Cannondale manual (https://www.cannondale.com/-/media/files/manual-uploads/manuals/134921%20rev2%20cd%20oms%20systemsix%20folder_final%20pdfs_web_134921%20rev2%20cd%20oms%20systemsix.pdf)

I rechecked the headset bearing placement, the spacers, pressed hard, I even tried to over-tighten the compression plug, but I can't remove this sneaky little play. I just don't know what to do next.

To tight a stem/headset, I untight the stem, adjust and tight the plug, then tight the stem. Am I missing something?


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I’m having exactly the same issue. Have taken the same steps with the same result. I’ve also adjusted the compression plug so that the cap only just catches the thread, to be sure that it wasn’t bottoming out. 

Should the cap be greased? It makes a pretty horrific squeaking sound when tightened, perhaps meaning that for a set torque the tension on the plug isn’t enough?

Very interested to hear if anyone has a solution. 

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