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Help Disassembling a RST Neon Pro TnL 50mm fork


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 I am attempting to repair a RST fork, Neon Pro TnL 50mm, fitted on a Cannondale CX that is stuck in the locked position and is not compressing.  The shock is in good external condition without any visible damage, corrosion or excessive wear.  The problem I am having is that I am not able to remove the lowers from the stanchions to even examine the internal components.  To disassemble the shock, I attempted to remove the recessed bolts from the lowers but they began spinning.   To try to stop this, I removed the cap over the the "turn and lock out" insert, turned it out a number of turns, (which then allowed the shock to compress) compressed the shock and then tried again.  No luck on either side.    I tried tapping on the bolts without success.   I have checked the RST website and other sites and haven't been able to locate any written or video repair instructions for this model fork.   I would appreciate any information on how to remove the lowers from the stanchions on this model fork.        Update: After removing the spring from the left stanchion, discovered a bolt at the base that had a 4mm insert.  Using a long extension I stabilized the bolt and that stopped the lower bolt from spinning and it could be removed.   Removing that one screw allowed the lowers to be removed and opposite bolt was removed by securing the cartridge with a 14mm wrench. 

Fork (2).jpg Fork (3).jpg Fork (1).jpg

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solved problem
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