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Fork upgrade ( Recon? vs Markhor )


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Hi, i own the cube 2018 attention with RockShox XC 30 TK Coil. On some longer routes, especially downhill parts containing rough terrain it can be a challenge to hold the handlebar. I am thinking of getting the new fork. I can find Manitou Markhor and RockShox Recon Silver RL Solo Air 29 for similar price. Can you tell me which one would be better? And how does the Markhor compares to the Judy, 30 Silver and different versions of Recon? Thx in advance!

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Manitou Markhor is the budget fork I raced on the most and for its price I loved it. It's light and stiff enough to be used even in Cross Country races. I know some riders though, who had problems with a little play on the stanchions, from the very beginning. It is also worthy to note, that I had to set 0% SAG on the Markhor, because it is very linear and goes a bit to easy deep in the travel. It has the rebound adjustment and no compression adjustment - just the lockout (I almost never use compression on other forks). It weighs 1875 grams with 1 1/8" steerer.

RockShox Recon Silver seemed a bit spongy to me, but I never heard of any problems with this suspension fork. It weighs 2020 grams in 1 1/8 steerer version. It has five levels of compression, from fully opened to fully locked and of course the rebound adjustment at the bottom of the right stanchion.


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Well I also put new tires, wider and tubeless, new hubs and tapered headset with industrial bearings. Bike is unimaginable better than before.


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The Markhor is an excellent fork for the money.  Had pne on mine for about six months before upgrading to a SID.  Only thing I would say is the stanchions are only 30mm

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