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Brake overhaul or replacement


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Good day people. I am having some difficulty repairing the pistons on my Shimano SLX m-7000 hydraulic brakes and I am not sure if I need to replace or repair the problem. The issue started when I was bleeding the brake lines I noticed that oil was leaking from the pistons with the brake block in place. I disassembled the entire caliper and noticed a hairline crack in one of the pistons and decided it need to be replaced, so I removed it. I tried back bleeding it with water, but it wouldn't budge as the seal allowed too much water to seep out and not enough pressure to disengage. Since it was cracked, I just elected to use a little force and removed it completely. Now lies the another problem, as the other piston appears in tact, but I want to clean it following the recent disassembly. However it will not disengage either. This is the side of the caliper with the bleed nipple. I’ve tried to back bleed it with water and it pushes out about 1/8” but doesn’t come out fully so I don’t know if it’s fully seized or if it will go back to working once I replace the other piston. So in the end the questions are whether I should replace the entire caliper with factory mounted pistons (expensive) or replace one piston with a new metal piston (cheaper) and hope for the best with other factory mounted piston? I appreciate everyone’s thoughts. 


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