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Carbon fork (CAADX 105 2020)


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Dear all,

I have several Cannondale bikes and among them is CAADX 105 2020. Recently I have noticed a video on SB youtube channel on how to setup and install steering tube expander. The video itself is super usefull, thank you Danny, but if you follow it with a new Cannondale CAADX bike, you may damage your carbon fork.

The reason for this is a Cannondale/FSA expander - KP017. In the old versions of this expander (for Cannondale SuperSix, or within a headset kit KP044) it has a wider diameter of the top cap (see attached photo expander supersix) and a flat top surface. Even in the manual you will find the figure of the old version of this expander.

The newer version of this expander has the same code KP017 (a) (see attached photo) but the top cap has smaller diameter (~18.X mm) and has a bump. But both look pretty much the same!

In the CAADX 105 2020 the inner diameter of the carbon steerer is ~22.X mm, and if you follow the steps described in the video for this particular bike model you may produce a crack on the carbon steerer by overtightening the upper bolt with the prescribed torque (5-6 Nm).

There is no an easy solution for this problem. One option is to buy a new expander that will fit the steering tube and cover the area where the stem compressing the tube. The second option is to make a shim (plastic) that fits the steering tube and the top cap, and install it between them. And the third option is to decrease a torque to ~2 Nm on the upper bolt.





expander supersix.jpg new expander caadx.jpg
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