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Aero Bike Can Be Comfortable! 2021 Merida Reacto IV Generation Review.


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Fast doesn't have to be harsh...


2021 Merida Reacto 6000 is the fourth generation of aero racing bikes, designed in Stuttgart Germany and made in Taiwan. I had the 3rd generation and I loved it. What has changed on the newest machine?




The new Reacto got even sleeker disc coolers, that now don't stand out. I like the forks dropouts, nicely integrated with the cooler. These brakes + these fins = a lot of braking power at high speed. In addition, the rear through axle lever is removable and becomes and allen key, which you can use not only for removing the wheels.

IMG_20201006_074859.jpgIMG_20201006_072532.jpg IMG_20201006_072551.jpgIMG_20201006_074910.jpg IMG_20201006_074921.jpgIMG_20201006_073758.jpg


The joint of the seat tube and seat stays has  been lower now, creating even smaller and probably more aero rear triangle. It does look cool though ;) The rear derailleur hanger is completely new and it is the most sexy looking hanger I've seen on the bike so far!

IMG_20201006_072101.jpg IMG_20201006_072201.jpg IMG_20201006_072220.jpgIMG_20201006_074016.jpg IMG_20201006_073619.jpgIMG_20201006_074030.jpg


The cables are now fully integrated, which improves the aerodynamics by a small margin. Merida's design doesn't interfere with turning the handlebars, which is better, than on most other brands, but just like on any FULLY integrated cables, I wish all the best to anyone, wanting to replace the housings... I don't like it and those, who have been following my YouTube channel know, that I will always miss the fully EXTERNAL cables. By the way - have you also noticed, that the new Reacto lost the eyebrow, that was beautifuly shaped on the third generation, from the head tube, through the top tube?



The other feature added to the new racer is the tire clearance - you can now ride an aero racing bike on 30c rubber! Great, because the aero frames tend to be more stiff and wider tires add a lot of comfort to our ride on any tarmac, even as bad as in my area...



An integrated multitool pocket under the saddle is a great idea. The only problem is, that it's not attached to the rails, but to the saddle itself, so when you replace the saddle, it means bye bye multitool. The seatpost still comes with the elastomer insert and this feature works!



The pricelist of the new Merida Reacto is very competitive and I'm sure this bike will find many new owners in 2021. I would personally go for the cheapest version, that comes with a great Shimano 105 groupset. Please note, that there are 3 different frame levels for the Reacto: CF3, CF4 and the lightest CF5. Which model would you like to ride? 

IMG_20201006_072240.jpg IMG_20201006_072616.jpg IMG_20201006_072654.jpg IMG_20201006_072808.jpg IMG_20201006_072822.jpg IMG_20201006_072840.jpg IMG_20201006_073108.jpg IMG_20201006_073136.jpg IMG_20201006_073145.jpg IMG_20201006_073432.jpg IMG_20201006_073503.jpg IMG_20201006_073650.jpg IMG_20201006_073836.jpg IMG_20201006_073847.jpg IMG_20201006_073932.jpg IMG_20201006_073943.jpg IMG_20201006_073951.jpg IMG_20201006_074046.jpg IMG_20201006_074100.jpg IMG_20201006_074150.jpg IMG_20201006_074155.jpg IMG_20201006_074305.jpg IMG_20201006_074318.jpg IMG_20201006_074337.jpg IMG_20201006_074400.jpg IMG_20201006_074440.jpg IMG_20201006_074618.jpg IMG_20201006_074627.jpg IMG_20201006_074640.jpg IMG_20201006_074701.jpg IMG_20201006_074739.jpg IMG_20201006_074746.jpg

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