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Spongy brakes after bleed and burp


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Hi there! I have quad qhd-sp hydraulic brakes (old stuff) and decided to replace the fluid at same time and doing my rotors and pads. Unfortunately, after bleed these are still soft with lots of leaver travel. As this model comes with dodgy access to master cylinder bleed port I tried using the "burp" technique where pressing leaver while reservoir is open. I pump and pump forever but air bubbles never seem to stop, after 15-20min leaver is about half way but brakes are far from solid. I suspect I have small leak somewhere, but how likely would that really be on both front and rear?!
What's your advice, should I bleed them again? If so, use the open reservoir or syringe at both ends technique (kit I have seems to introduce new air if I try to pressurise syringe)? When you did it, it seemed as no air was left in the system but I spent hours trying to get mine back to decent order! Should I even bother wasting more time or get new Shimano set instead?



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