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Drivetrain problem


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I have an interesting problem....so if i clean my drivetrain i get an interesting feeling ... i mean when i pedal its not smooth.( its feels like its popping etc)..when its getting a bit dirty its become super smooth.....chain and casette is not that old, same probleme after replacing both....why is this ? i cant understand...

Any1 please help.

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Hi Tamas

Does your popping sound etc, only happen when you are pedaling the bike? or coasting? popping noises are hard to narrow down. although if you're getting popping noises while pedaling you may want to check your spokes. Popping or clicking noises while pedaling/coasting can be caused by loose spokes on the wheels. 

you mentioned you're drive train makes popping noise after you replace the chain and cassette. I would check the chain rings on your cranks for bent/broken/excessive worn teeth. Also check if you have a front derailleur that it's lined up correctly, clicking noise can happen when it rubs against the inside of the cage. 

Go watch these videos of Danny cleaning/lubing a drive train.They will assist you in solving the problem


Hi Tamas

I forgot this other video of Dan's



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