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Race bike for ~ 2000€


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Hi guys,


trying to get a new bike for 2020 season, would prefer a light race hardtrail (M).

I've right now the Merida big nine limited alloy, and would like to have an upgrade on that.

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I think Scott Scale rocks in this segment! The Scale 920, with a cheaper version of their carbon frame, will feel much faster, than your very good indeed Merida.

Scott Scale 920 2020 https://www.scott-sports.com/us/en/product/scott-scale-920-bike?article=274591007

But in Europe, there is also the Scale 925 available: https://www.scott-sports.com/de/de/product/scott-scale-925-bike?article=274592007

Both are race ready and I would use them as a benchmark for other brands. The frame will weigh about 1200 grams.


There is also the Merida Big.Nine 4000, which is about 150 lighter, but I see it on the Polish website only. The German one starts with Big.Nine XT...



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