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Deore XT 8100 Maximum Crankset Size


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I have a 28 inch tour bike which I am riding for a long time and I am uprgrading it. I've just purchased a 1x12 deore Xt 8100 set with a 11-52 casette. Now I have to order a crankset but I have a problem. Because I will ride it both on and off road (no hard climbes) I want to order a 42 T crank. Is it possible and does it effect my shifting performance? because of changing angle or all I need is a longer chain and that is all? 

All custom crank sellers tell that their cranks are competible with all types 10-11-12 is there a thickness value I have to look for at a chainring?

Thank you upfront for your kind answers! :)

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Here's what I think you ask about:

  • the size of your front chainring does not affect the "angle", or the chain line,
  • the chain thickness stays the same - it is the distance between the rear sprockets, that's smaller on the 12 speed cassette,
  •  the new chain is usually to long for a "standard" drivetrain, but I think, that it will be to short for the 42T by 51T setup.

My question - why wouldn't you use something like 11-46T cassette, with a smaller chainring at the front?

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Hello again,

Sorry to write you after a long time I thought you didn't answer. I lost my original account and now I took a new one.  I want to complete the story. 8100 set didn't went well we had many problems and even shimano service center couldn't find out what is wrong. So I bought myself 8000XT full shimano set with 46 T set up (Which is also compatible with my 8000 hub). Shimano service told me a lot of things about compatibility but now I think again and maybe the only problem was chain length (It was extremely tight). I will test and write if I have the chance to try it on another frame.  Anyway thanks for the help. 

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