Sram NX Eagle shifting problems.


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Guys, this is just a short info and confirmation, that the Sram NX Eagle drivetrain may have issues with shifting.

FIrst off, the NX DOES NOT shift as crisp and the XX1 Eagle. The difference is obvious and for everybody to notice. The NX feels more stiff, but as the drivetrain wears, it does get less stiff, but also less precise. The main problem is, that during upshifting, which is shifting from lower (lighter) to higher (faster) gears, it will more and more often skip one sprocket, changing two gears at once and then get back by one. The XX1 ALSO happens to get this problem, but way less often.

So far I haven't found any solution for this problem. I mean, you can still use the drivetrain, but it gets much easier to snap the chain, when that overshifting happens.


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thanks for your work to explain, only now i try to set my bike with a ful kit sram eagle NX, and i think the problem i gonna have is on the sistem DUB on the crank, i try do dissable shimano with press fit to get the measures. 

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SRAM Eagle NX...brand soon as I shift to smallest cog, after a few seconds, attempts to jump up one cog, then comes back down to smallest....60 miles broken in....any new fixes?

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